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Congress and all judges EXEMPT from mandatory Covid vaccination Executive Order because they know the clot shots are deadly

Written by S.D. Wells

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Resident Biden has signed an Executive Order that requires all federal executive branch workers to be vaccinated, except the House, Senate, himself, and all judges. The elitists enforcing everything Covid keep saying they can’t make anyone take the jabs, but you’re fired from your government job if you don’t, and they’re not taking them because they cause massive heart strain (myocarditis) and blood clotting in your blood vessels and organs. Only stupid peons get the clot shots, not people who are trying to rob the country for all its worth, destroy all medical choice, and dismantle the constitution. The elite exempt themselves from the deadly, dirty Covid clot shots (they take saline jabs for show).

The demented Left wants all American conservatives and natural health advocates to join the dementia bandwagon, and get the clot shots that destroy your heart and brain, sometimes overnight. It’s not happening. Vaccination for Covid has come to a screeching halt, and that’s why the CCP/Biden Regime has resorted to forcing federal employees, military members and every employee at every corporation to succumb, or else.

The Biden Regime and the Leftist judges have been cozying up to the VIC, the vaccine industrial complex, since before they stole the election. This dates back. So it should come as no surprise that the Executive Order for clot shots excludes them. The only jabs they’re taking “on TV” or for some shilling CNN press video are saline shots. Surely Congress would never allow the President to sling vaccines on all government workers and forget to exempt them.

Not in a million years would Nancy Pelosi take a clot shot — which makes her a “Super-Spreader”

In America, right now, the demented leader has ordered, by Executive Order, that every federal employee, contractor and private employer (with over 100 employees) MANDATE VACCINES, but not Congress, their entire staff, or any federal judges. Wait, what? But, Covid? That means Congress, Biden and Pelosi could be the ultimate super-spreaders, causing the whole world to die (by their logic), just to be elitists who’s vaccination status is “a matter of privacy” (that’s Nancy Pelosi’s response when asked).

The Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is behind this all the way, and plans to issue an “Emergency Temporary Standard” of forced vaccination for all employees. Temporary? Where have we heard that before?

Failure  to comply results in a $14,000 fine, per incidence, virtually bankrupting any business overnight that doesn’t have every single employee fully vaccinated with billions of blood-clotting, heart-inflaming prions.

Legislative and Judicial Branches are NOT included in the Mandatory Covid Vaccine Executive Order on purpose to spare the lives of the insidious, filthy elite

The clot shot Executive Order only applies to federal workers and contractors for the government, because the clot shots are deadly. Follow the bouncing ball. If the President and Congress made them mandatory for everyone, that would be like committing suicide through legislation.

The CDC has determined that the best way to kill off 70 percent of the population is to threaten everyone with their job if they don’t get vaccinated, and we’re talking about some very high-paying salaries for those well dug in. Not any more. Not after the clot shots and boosters further clog those blood vessels and stress the heart and cleansing organs.

Watch out though, because these orders, once enforced at gunpoint (which is coming soon), will never be lifted. This is people control, not medicine. This is how the US government is going after guns, because if all the 80 million federal workers are dying from blood clots and heart failure, their weapons will be of no use to them.

Vaccines are for depopulation, that’s why Congress and the President won’t get them, and declare their own vaccination status “a private matter”

Here’s Biden reading the depopulation script word for word: “The Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees, that together employ over 80 million workers, to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week.”

Sure, and even Resident Biden knows the PCR tests show “Covid positive” for common head colds and the flu, so every federal worker will get caught who tries to avoid the death jabs. Off to Covid Concentration camp for you! Maybe the CCP/Biden Regime will team up with Australia and make that whole continent the prison for Covid lepers, and it will be the real life version of two movies combined, “Escape from New York” meets “World War Z.”

Tune your truth news dial to Pandemic.news for updates on the war against dirty vaccines and communism, and how to keep your family happy, healthy and safe.


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OBEY OR STARVE: Australia to “lock out” unvaccinated people from the economy, rendering them unable to buy food or keep a job

Written by Franz Walker

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 Australia’s state of Victoria will “lock out” people who’re unvaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) from participating in the economy, according to Premier Dan Andrews.

Victoria is currently subject to strict lockdown restrictions. Residents of Melbourne, the state capital and most populous city, are living under a 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew and are forbidden to leave their homes except to work, buy groceries or get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Restrictions to apply only to unvaccinated in Victoria

While Victoria’s draconian restrictions are set to be lifted, Premier Dan Andres said that future restrictions will be applied to those who are unvaccinated.

“There is going to be a vaccinated economy, and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated,” said Andrews on Sunday, Sept. 6. “We’re going to move to a situation where, to protect the health system, we are going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be.”

He added: “If you’re making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you’re making the wrong choice.”

Defending his statement, Andrews said he did not want to have to lock down the entire state for everyone, just to protect those who choose not to get vaccinated.

“I am not going to lock the whole state down to protect people who would not protect themselves,” he said Friday, Sept. 3. “If you are not vaccinated, and you could be, the chances of you booking a ticket at a sporting event, going to a pub … will be very limited.”

Victoria is more than halfway to its target of 1 million vaccinations, with 58.1 percent of eligible citizens to have received their first dose, in five weeks.

“We are still obviously a number of days away from being at that milestone … of 70% single dose but … the quicker we get to 70%, the more vaccinations undertaken, the more we will be able to make those changes announced the other day,” Andrews said.

The proposed restrictions on the unvaccinated then will become a mechanism for the state government to ‘encourage’ people to get jabbed, allowing Victoria to reach its vaccination goals.

Victoria restrictions could have ramifications for the rest of Australia

Restrictions for the unvaccinated are just the beginning of the measures that the Victoria state government is looking to implement.

Andrews revealed that a “vaccine passport” scheme would be piloted in regional Victoria in the coming weeks. With this passport, proof of vaccination would be required to enter public establishments, such as pubs and restaurants.

Victorian pub owners are reportedly on board with the idea. Talking to ABC Australia, one bar owner stated that “whilst we certainly don’t like the idea of turning anyone away, we need to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of our business.”

The state’s implementation of a vaccine passport could also have wider implications for the rest of Australia. (Related: These videos prove Australia is a Tyrannical police state.)

Earlier this summer, the Australian government agreed to study the rollout of Victoria’s vaccine passport scheme. This was to be done with the view to eventually implementing a similar scheme nationwide.

Should Victoria’s restriction give them the numbers they need, then it’s possible that other measures the state has taken, including locking unvaccinated people out of the economy, may be copied in other Australian states.

Other Australian states have already implemented their own restrictions. Among these is New South Wales where Premier Gladys Brejiklian imposed a similarly rigorous lockdown last month. This lockdown, which is slated to run until at least the end of September, is currently being imposed by hundreds of police officers and soldiers on the streets of Sydney.

In addition, police have also been given the power to lock down entire apartment blocks and enforce “compliance checks” on residents.

For more on the draconian restrictions being implemented in Australia, follow Fascism.news.


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Fauci bioweapons funding CONFIRMED, smoking gun proves covid vaccines based on govt biowarfare program

Written by Mike Adams

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Thanks to a FOIA request by The Intercept, we now have smoking gun proof that Anthony Fauci directed NIH funding for bioweapons research on SARS-CoV-2 (via “gain-of-function” experiments) under the cover of the Chinese Communist Party. The 900+ pages of once-secret documents also confirm that the United States government originated the bioweapons research and funded it to completion. After Trump banned biological weapons programs in the United States, Fauci and others conspired to criminally conduct illegal research by shifting the technology to China (and laundering US taxpayer money through the EcoHealth Alliance to fund it).

As detailed by The Intercept:

NEWLY RELEASED DOCUMENTS provide details of U.S.-funded research on several types of coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The Intercept has obtained more than 900 pages of documents detailing the work of EcoHealth Alliance, a U.S.-based health organization that used federal money to fund bat coronavirus research at the Chinese laboratory.

One of the grants, titled “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence,” outlines an ambitious effort led by EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak to screen thousands of bat samples for novel coronaviruses. The research also involved screening people who work with live animals.

The bat coronavirus grant provided EcoHealth Alliance with a total of $3.1 million, including $599,000 that the Wuhan Institute of Virology used in part to identify and alter bat coronaviruses likely to infect humans.

Fauci lied, millions died

In essence, thanks to the FOIA revelations, we now know that:

  1. Fauci lied under oath when he claimed he never funded gain-of-function research. (Where is the FBI raid on Fauci?)
  2. The entire COVID “pandemic” was built as a biological weapons program from the very start.
  3. Fauci and others committed not merely criminal acts in violation of biological weapons research bans, he also committed treason against the United States of America by handing weapons of mass destruction to America’s communist enemy (China) when then deployed the weapon system against America.

We also therefore know that the vaccine is an extension of the bioweapons program funded by Fauci, since the spike protein incorporated into covid vaccines was developed through Fauci-funded gain-of-function research.

With this knowledge now being made public thanks to The Intercept, all vaccines should be halted worldwide, and criminal indictments should be leveled against Fauci and the thousands of co-conspirators who were complicit in this operation, which includes Big Pharma CEOs, virology scientists and freedom-hating politicians who used all this as an excuse to push toxic bioweapons onto the population via “vaccine” mandates.

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BOMBSHELL: The US government started this as a MERS bioweapons program to mass murder people in the Middle East, but it was switched to murdering Americans when Trump took power

The other huge bombshell now emerging from all this is that it appears the US government was originally planning to deploy its bioweapons as a MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) virus to mass murder political enemies in Iran (and other nations) under “President Clinton” (who was slated to take office in 2017 after the 2016 election was rigged). But when Trump’s military intelligence white hats blocked the election rigging of 2016 and Trump took office, the bioweapons program was redirected to focus on killing Americans and dethroning Trump with the coordinated covid-rigged election scheme of 2020.

So the bioweapons that the US government originally planned to dump on the people of the Middle East ended up being refocused on SARS-CoV and placed into vaccines to be injected into US soldiers and 200+ million American citizens, all in an effort to carry out mass genocide against the American people and its active duty defenders. All along, Fauci was taking orders from the Obama / Clinton cartel which had sought a seamless transition of power to the Clinton regime but was thwarted by the outpouring of popular support for Trump.

Thus, by definition, Fauci, Obama, Biden and the U.S. deep state have been working with communist China to build and deploy weapons of mass destruction against the American people. Nearly all Democrats are fully on board with this effort, since they hate America and openly call for the killing of conservatives. Shockingly, they’re also all-in on committing vaccine suicide by injecting themselves with the very bioweapon that was deployed to stop Trump. So what we’re about to witness in the years ahead is mass death of Democrats and whatever conservatives have been propagandized enough to inject themselves with the death shots labeled “vaccines.”

Vaccines are just the first step in a binary weapon system that has yet to be fully deployed

Finally, the vaccines are not designed to kill people immediately upon being injected. They’re actually designed to impair the immune system and prime the body to overreact to a future release of a viral variant that sends the body into immune reaction overdrive. This is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and for it to be fully invoked, a new variant must be introduced and circulated that evades the antibodies produced by the current vaccines (what we call covid vax 1.0). It appears that the Delta variant has already achieved somewhere around a 65% evasion, but upcoming variants will demonstrate even stronger evasion / escape properties.

The real bombshell is that the same Fauci / Daszak / Baric bioweapons program that built SARS-CoV-2 could have already constructed a radical variant that functions as the second part in the binary weapon system. This new variant — perhaps one that’s already released or soon to be released into the wild — would result in mass fatalities of those who took covid vaccines, even if they survived the more immediate vaccine adverse reactions such as blood clotting and heart attacks.


"The vaccine will be the ultimate game changer in this fight against the coronavirus"

Anthony Fauci

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Fauci admits covid “vaccines” are spreading disease

Written by Ethan Huff

America’s fakest “doctor” is back on television fearmongering about the so-called “delta variant” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), admitting in the process that “vaccinated” people are actively spreading it to others.

Tony Fauci, appearing on the fake news program “Face the Nation,” explained to some robotic suit and tie that the “new thinking” surrounding the delta variant is that it easily spreads from person to person, including people who already got injected with a Trump Vaccine.

Fauci claims that he and his fellow career bureaucrats have determined that the delta variant easily creates “breakthrough” infections in the vaccinated, though the infections are supposedly minimal.

“But since no vaccine is 100 percent effective, you’re going to see breakthrough infections,” Fauci quickly added to try to justify the failure of Fauci Flu shots to prevent the Chinese Infection.

“But what we’ve learned that’s new, John, in answer to your question, is that when you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of people who are vaccinated who get breakthrough infections, it’s really quite high and equivalent to the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of unvaccinated people who get infected – that’s very different from the alpha variant,” Fauci further added.

“The alpha variant, the level of virus in a vaccinated person was extremely low in the vaccinated people compared to the unvaccinated people – not so with delta. So, we know now that vaccinated people who get breakthrough infections can spread the virus to other people.”

See here and here

Stay safe: Don’t get vaccinated for covid

Why, again, are people being told that they must get vaccinated for the Wuhan Flu? Oh, we forgot: to “minimize symptoms” and “prevent hospitalizations.” Too bad this is also not true, as evidenced by the vast majority of new hospitalizations being among the jabbed.

Furthermore, at least eight times more vaccinated people than unvaccinated people are dying from the Chinese Virus. This means you are safer if you skip the shot than if you obey Fauci’s orders and get it.

Somehow, Fauci and friends are getting away with speaking out of both sides of their mouth. On the one hand, everyone is supposed to get injected with a Fauci Flu shot to help “flatten the curve,” while on the other the injections are causing the curve to go parabolic.

Which is it? Are Chinese Virus injections really “safe and effective” as Fauci has long claimed or are they spreading more disease, including the dreaded “delta variant?” It would appear as though the latter is true, and yet Fauci is still telling people to get jabbed.

Nothing makes any sense anymore, even as the medical fascists openly admit that Chinese Virus shots are failing to stop the spread as the government claimed they would all last year.

Everyone who already took the shot, believing it to be the final solution to the Wuhan Flu, must be reeling with horror as Fauci fesses up to the fact that they do not work. Everyone else will continue to stay far, far away from the injections for their own safety.

“Fauxi is a worthless bureaucratic hack,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press. “He should be on death row for his crimes.”

“The reason Fauci’s comments are so disjointed and confusing is because the engineering and release of Covid-19 was a political operation, and not ‘accidental’ like they claim, so governmental damage control (Fauci backed up by propaganda media and censor media) must alter the information every time the real truth exposes their lies,” wrote another.

The latest news stories about Chinese Virus injection deception can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.


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BOMBSHELL: DARPA was secretly developing the mRNA vaccine years ago through Moderna, and they seek permanent control over your body and bloodline

Written by Lance D Johnson

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Prior to the worldwide lockdowns in 2020, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were surreptitiously working on a new mRNA vaccine platform using a new biotech company called Moderna. Their strategic planning began in 2013, when DARPA funds were used by Moderna to invent methods for inducing a short-lived immune response through administration of mRNA vaccines.

The inventor of the mRNA platform, Dr. Robert Malone, reveals that “Moderna was essentially founded by DARPA.” Millions of dollars in DARPA grants built the vaccine program, through patents handed down to Moderna. However, Moderna refuses to disclose these DARPA awards in the patent applications that they filed for the new vaccine technology.

DARPA is behind the mRNA spike protein experiment, with help from the NIH

As this secretive DARPA project comes to light, it becomes apparent that nefarious forces within the US government were planning to unleash this technology for years prior to a “public health emergency.” To achieve compliance, they only needed to exploit human psychology, suspend the rule of law, and threaten people’s livelihoods to coerce the population to enter into this experiment and alter the natural physiology of their cells and biological functions. A director at the NIH, Dr. Anthony Fauci, made sure of that when he called for a nationwide lock down in March of 2020. Carrying out the plan, Fauci is now calling for mandatory injections of this genocidal operating software.

Watchdog group, Knowledge Ecology International, points out that Moderna received $20 million in DARPA grants several years before the “worldwide pandemic.” The group asserts that these funds “likely” led to the development of this new vaccine technology. This longstanding operation includes 26 patents assigned to “Moderna” or “ModernaTx” as well as 154 patent applications. A closer look at these patents shows that Moderna took part in DARPA’s Autonomous Diagnostics to Enable Prevention and Therapeutics (ADEPT) program. This funding paved the way for Moderna to develop mRNA vaccine programs for Chikungunya and Zika viruses, and other upcoming respiratory pathogens.

In response to the inquiry, DARPA says it is “actively researching agency awards to Moderna to identify which patents and pending patents, if any at all, may be associated with DARPA support.” Instead of undergoing an independent audit of their planned mRNA spike protein operation, DARPA is allowed to investigate its own financial trail, which assuredly leads to secretive mRNA experiments being conducted by their operatives at Moderna.

Regardless of the greater conspiracy to experiment on human populations, it is Moderna’s legal obligation to disclose U.S. federal government support in patent applications under the Bayh-Dole Act and regulations issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. DARPA plainly admits they are the brainchild behind this global experiment, declaring on their website: “The first coronavirus vaccine to start human testing is from DARPA investment in the Moderna company.” Even though the mRNA inventions were conceived over the past eight years, Moderna fails to disclose that DARPA was behind the projects all along and denied that federal funds were involved.

Up until 2016, geneticist Daniel Wattendorf was the program manager at DARPA, where he initiated and lead programs that deploy diagnostics, gene transfer drugs, engineered red blood cells and RNA vaccines. He was behind the ADEPT program in 2012, and he advanced the mRNA research through Pfizer and Moderna in 2013. After leading these mRNA vaccines programs, he took a job as the director of Innovate Technology Solutions at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he is tasked with creating diagnostic tests and biotechnology platforms for “global health solutions.”

See here

When the Pentagon funds and deploys an experiment onto the entire population, it’s no wonder the US is forced to accept an indefinite public health emergency across every community simultaneously. The US continues to suffer under medical martial law, suspended civil liberties, and the continual threat of totalitarian force, even against the bodies of healthcare workers and the individual members of the military themselves.

Global experiment turns people’s bodies into operating systems, controlled by mRNA vaccine updates

DARPA is clear that these mRNA vaccines are not intended to provide immunity, but instead invoke “transient immunity” that forces the body to create antibodies for only a few weeks or months. Straight from DARPA “Pandemic Prevention Platform”: “A principal benefit of the nucleic-acid-based approach to limiting the spread of infection is that genetic constructs introduced into the body would process quickly and not integrate into an individual’s genome. Similarly, the antibodies produced in response to treatment would only be present in the body for weeks to months. This is consistent with DARPA’s intent to safely deliver transient immunity, halting the spread of disease by creating a firewall, and buying time for longer-term medical responses to be developed and deployed.”

This mRNA program is an operating system being installed inside humans – a sinister process of bodily control that is openly admitted by Moderna. These vaccines are a nanotechnology control weapon that delivers genetically coded instructions to rewire the recipient’s normal cellular processes. As a specific toxin (spike protein) is encoded and produced in the recipient’s body, their immune system is pressured to respond. Their immune responsive cells are attenuated over the long haul and become dependent on the instructions, as a biological phenomenon called pathogenic priming or antibody dependent enhancement takes hold.

The first part of this global experiment of control was psychological, coercing people to think they need to reproduce toxins in their body to prove they have immunity to something that has never been isolated or quantitated. Populations were locked down and told they could not make human contact, that everyone was sick, and the air was contaminated, as medical systems isolated people, withheld treatment and murdered patients on ventilators.

The second part of this controlling, manipulative war-time experiment, involves laying out the initial two-shot protocol, which conditions people to accept multiple shots to keep their immune system working in accordance with the “science.” The third part is currently being introduced across the world, as a third dose of mRNA spike proteins is pumped into people who are already experiencing susceptibility to viral pathogens and who “need a booster shot.”

From every year forward, the people will be told that they need their system update “booster shot” as a “new variant” is advertised. The spike protein bioweapon mRNA platform that is being launched through coercion and force today was planned years ago by DARPA, the NIH, Moderna, and their operatives at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


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Pathogenic antibodies? Vaccine-induced antibodies now believed to be causing catastrophic damage to healthy tissue

Written by S.D. Wells

A new study from scientists in Hangzhou, China reveals that the antibodies that target Covid-19’s spike protein are turning against the immune system of the vaccinated and attacking body tissues, and this has been evaluated for all three of the CDC “emergency approval” Covid vaccines – Moderna, Pfizer and J&J. This attack is triggered by not only the experimental jab, but by the virus as well. In other words, you get the Covid vaccine, still catch Covid, and both the jab and the virus cause your newly injected “spike protein” antibodies to attack and destroy your own body tissues, including vital organs you need to survive and to fight infection.

Which is worse, getting the virus or its so-called preventative?

Here’s what happens when you get the deadly Covid jabs. Antibodies are triggered by a pathogenic virus that end up binding to your lung cells, both the damaged ones and the healthy ones. These antibodies binding to human lung cells can cause autoimmune damage, and two of the antibodies tested by the Chinese researchers bound strongly to both healthy and damaged cells.

In animal tests, those same two antibodies, the ones that bound to the human lung cells, bound to the animal lung cells and did EXTENSIVE DAMAGE to the mice’ tissues, as well as their babies’ tissues. The antibody that attacked the healthy human lung cells, a.k.a. REGN10987, killed close to 50 percent of the mice in the study. That’s almost half of the animals, and these mice have 96 percent the same DNA as humans.

Do American doctors know this? No. Will any future Covid vaccination test subjects (any human who gets the Covid jabs) be warned of this? No. Mainstream media will block this out entirely from all news. Pregnant women especially around the world should know about this study and take heed. It is their right to know.

Western Medicine worshippers love to talk about how great vaccines work to produce antibodies, but antibodies can target the lungs, heart and brain also, not just the disease

People who come down with a bad case of Covid-19 are also commonly known to have auto-immune antibodies that target the immune system, blood vessels, the brain and the heart. If you’ve seen coverage of vaccinated people suffering from myocarditis and then still contracting Covid, here comes your explanation.

The CDC, Fauci, and all the rest of the talking heads at the top of the vaccine industrial complex, always repeat the same lying mantra about “safe and effective” jabs, but a real look at the science reveals that researchers have long known about how certain proteins our antibodies lock onto can be found in our own cells, instead of the virus.

Antibodies can be fooled by cells or pathogens that look like or mimic our natural ones. The only truly “safe and effective” vaccines are ones that kill the pathogens without binding to your body’s tissues and cleansing organs. We don’t see that with today’s vaccines, especially Covid jabs. The spike proteins clog the blood vessels and invade organs, while mRNA ‘technology’ instructs your cells to create more and more.

The spike protein is not harmless. The Covid vaccine manufacturers would have everyone believe these are just harmless little fragments that fool the body into making antibodies that will be ready to attack and kill SARS-CoV-2 virus, and lessen the impact, but it’s all a lie.

Doctors are finding out there are billions and sometimes trillions of spike proteins in their patient’s blood from the Covid jabs, whether by payload injection (J&J jabs) or mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna jabs) creating them in the body. An international team of researchers published a recent study in the journal Circulation Research, and revealed to the world that spike proteins can damage the endothelial cells that make up the inner lining of blood vessels, including arteries, veins and capillaries.

Tune your truth news dial to Pandemic.news for updates on the war against dirty vaccines and socialism, and how to keep your family happy, healthy and safe.


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IT’S A SUBSCRIPTION: Fauci says government on track to administer COVID-19 booster doses every eight months

Written by Arsenio Toledo

Chief Medical Advisor to the White House Dr. Anthony Fauci said the United States is on track to administer Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine booster doses every eight months.

On Sunday, Aug. 29, Fauci appeared on the program of mainstream media outlet NBC News, “Meet the Press.” He claimed that the federal government is strongly considering providing COVID-19 booster doses to Americans eight months after they get their last dose of the vaccine. (Related: Scientists warn push for COVID-19 booster shots not based on scientific data; “politics” and profits now driving vaccine policies.)

But after the intervention of President Joe Biden, Fauci agreed that the government can be “flexible” about this issue. While the plan will not change right now, it could be amended soon “based on the data.” Biden reportedly wants Americans to be given booster doses possibly as soon as five months after their last dose.

“We’re still planning on eight months,” said Fauci to “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd. “That was the calculation we made.”

But Fauci added that the country’s public health authorities are “open to any variation” of this timetable “based on the data.”

If the federal government’s plans are not interrupted, the rollout of booster COVID-19 doses could begin as early as the week of Sept. 20.

Later on in the interview, Fauci admitted that the COVID-19 vaccines available in the U.S. are not very effective. He did this by admitting that he was certain the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require a third dose, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine required a second.

“We were dealing, Chuck, with a total emergency situation,” said Fauci. “If we had the grace to be able to do this in a very slow, measured manner, the phase two study would have given various intervals of dosing.”

“It is entirely conceivable that when all is said and done the standard regime will be a three-dose shot for [Pfizer and Moderna] and a two-dose shot for Johnson & Johnson.”

Fauci tried to rationalize this sudden change by claiming that the country leaders’ priorities are saving lives and not providing the country with accurate data regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

“We were having to save lives and we needed to do it very quickly. So, I don’t think there was anything errant or wrong in the way we started it with two doses,” he said. “But at least now we’re being very open and flexible that we may need that third dose.”

Biden pushing Fauci to require booster COVID-19 doses

Fauci and other public health officials have outlined a schedule for administering additional COVID-19 doses. Biden has publicly asked these officials if the gap between the booster doses could be shortened. He did this after a visit by the Israeli prime minister.

On Friday, Aug. 27, Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the White House. After receiving advice from the prime minister, Biden asked his health officials to consider if following Israel’s timetable regarding the administering of booster doses is viable.

“We’re considering the advice you’ve given that we should start earlier,” said Biden to Bennett. “Should it be as little as five months? That’s being discussed.”

It should be noted that Israel, one of the world’s most vaccinated countries with 60 percent of its population fully vaccinated, is currently dealing with a massive post-vaccine COVID-19 outbreak. The country recently passed one million total COVID-19 cases, with nearly 11,000 Israelis testing positive on Monday, Aug. 30.

As of Tuesday morning, Israel has over 83,000 active COVID-19 cases, and over 7,000 people have died of COVID-19 there.

The booster doses would have to be first approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The latter is a committee within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that advises vaccination policies.

The push by so-called public health experts and leading Democrats to mandate COVID-19 booster doses has been strongly criticized by many conservatives and Republicans. Notably, former President Trump called the plan a “money-making operation” by Pfizer.

“Think of the money involved,” said Trump in early August. “An extra shot … How good a business is that? If you’re a pure businessman, you’d say, ‘you know what, let’s give them another shot.’ That’s another $10 billion of money coming in. The whole thing is crazy.”

Learn more about the government’s push to force Americans to get injected with more doses of the deadly COVID-19 vaccines by reading the latest articles at Vaccines.news.


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CDC announces covid internment camps on a national level with indefinite detention until the plandemic ends

Written by Ethan Huff

See here, here and here

Americans who are deemed to be “high risk” for spreading the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will soon have a new home in one of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “shielding” initiative internment camps.

According to a CDC document published last year, the private corporation posing as a federal agency outlined plans to isolate “unclean” Americans in camps or community settings for a period of time no shorter than six months, and up to forever, to purge them of Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak’s made-in-China coronavirus.

The CDC maintains that dirty people who are possibly teeming with said Chinese Germs must be held in these concentration camps until “sufficient hospitalization capacity is established; effective vaccine or therapeutic options become widely available; or the COVID-19 epidemic affecting the population subsides.”

In the event that hospitals across the country become overwhelmed with sick patients, the CDC wants to load Americans into trains to have them hauled off to the nearest “shielding” facility to be “cured.”

“The shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease (‘high-risk’) and the general population (‘low-risk’),” the document explains.

Elderly, children and other vulnerable people to be hauled off to CDC concentration camps

In what is shaping up to become a second Holocaust, the CDC says that old people, those with underlying health conditions, and children must be taken to its concentration camps to be “cleansed” of the Fauci Flu – whether they want to or not.

It is no longer up to individuals to make their own health decisions as the CDC has decided that it, and only it, can determine whether or not a person is “safe” or “dangerous.” Those who are “dangerous” must be dealt with in “safe or ‘green zones,'” the CDC document reveals.


“People in ‘green zones’ would have been limited to no contact with the outside world,” explains Claire Marie Merkowsky, writing for Life Site News.

“Green zones are defined as being at the household, neighborhood, or camp level. A camp or sector level is defined as ‘a group of shelters such as schools, community buildings within a camp/sector (max 50 high-risk individuals per single green zone) where high-risk individuals are physically isolated together.'”

The CDC document specifically outlines how each camp will only have one entry point through which “food” and “supplies” can be brought in for the unclean. There is also a designated “meeting area” where residents can interact with visitors, just so long as they stay six feet apart at all times.

“Isolation / separation from family members, loss of freedom and personal interactions may require additional psychosocial support structures / systems,” the document explains. “Separating families and disrupting and deconstructing multigenerational households may have long-term negative consequences.”

According to DeAnna Lorraine, who ran against Democrat Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th Congressional District, the CDC’s “green zones” are, in fact, “concentration camps” where the medical fascists hope to corral the herd for the next phase of the plandemic.

“They are about to unleash this on us,” she told Stew Peters during a recent episode of his talk show. “We know that a lot of people have been talking about how Biden is probably going to issue another lockdown. Going along with that is what they are calling the shielding approach.”

“And what the shielding approach is, is removing people from their households, from their families, even separating couples, who they believe are high risk. The camps will be built in different communities all across the nation. Every city will have these camps.”

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Israel now has more covid infections per capita than any country in the world, even as “booster shots” are being widely administered there

Written by Lance D Johnson

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Just a few months ago, the mainstream media praised Israel for its “pandemic-ending” vaccination campaign. With over 40 percent of the population “fully vaccinated” in the first quarter of 2021, Israel was well on its way to stopping community spread and clearing out its hospitals.

The nation of Israel imposed some of the strictest lockdowns during that time, violating the Nuremberg Code and segregating the unvaccinated from public life. Israel bought up the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA covid vaccine and began issuing mandatory Green Pass “vaccine passports” as a requirement for citizens to enter public spaces. By August, Israel had intimidated and coerced its population into having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 78 percent of people 12 years of age and older classified as “fully vaccinated.”

The world was reassured that this rate of vaccination was more than enough to ensure individual and “herd immunity.” However, infection rates have skyrocketed across the country since then, and Israel is now logging the world’s highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people. At times, hospitalizations for the “fully vaccinated” have reached upwards of 95 percent.

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is failing in Israel, with case load and hospitalizations climbing in the vaccinated

By August 15, there were 514 Israelis hospitalized with severe covid-19, a 31 percent increase from just four days earlier. Most of the hospitalized patients had already received at least one vaccine and 59 percent were fully vaccinated.

“There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated,” said Uri Shalit, a bio-informatician at the Israel Institute of Technology. The vaccines do not protect older populations, either — a false promise advertised since the beginning of the vaccine rollout. In fact, of the hospitalized vaccinated patients, 87 percent were 60 or older.

This has not stopped the Israeli government from tripling down with this destructive vaccine program. Israeli officials have already begun to administer a third dose of the failed Pfizer vaccine to the population. Now controlled by the Green Pass vaccine passport system, Israelis are lining up to be inoculated again — like a grim scene of medical experimentation ripped right out of 1940s Nazi Germany. More than 100,000 booster shots are being administered each day, with 2.15 million Israelis having received their third shot.

Despite compounding vaccination, the nation still suffers, with the world’s worst seven-day rolling average number of covid cases per capita. Israel is on track to pass 11,000 daily covid cases — an infection rate that is magnitudes higher than a year before, when everyone in the country was unvaccinated. U.S. health officials have access to this data, but were quick to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and begin pushing for unlawful vaccine mandates across the country. (Related: Pfizer’s vaccine studies are based on FRAUD and put lives in danger, warns former Pfizer vice president.)

COVID vaccines are mass murder weapons, enslaving, weakening and killing off the world population

Using a non-neutralizing vaccine against a novel, endemic virus only perpetuates the transmissibility of the virus among people. When the spike protein of that virus is forcibly replicated throughout the population, entirely new health problems occur. By placing selective pressure on an amino acid sequence of the virus, and scaling up that attack across the population, these vaccine programs only cause mutations in the viral sequence, leading to new outbreaks and vaccine failure. A study published in the Journal of Infection discusses antibody-dependent enhancement and the serious risks of the vaccine program. Any perceived benefits of vaccination for coronaviruses are short-lived, as artificially-augmented antibody levels wane, making the population more susceptible.

Now living in a medical police state, Israelis are suddenly considered “unvaccinated” and banned from public spaces if they haven’t submitted to a THIRD dose of Pfizer’s spike protein mRNA. As millions more boosters are forced onto the population, it’s only a matter of time before the infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths go up again, making today’s hospitalization rates pale in comparison. How long will government officials keep this cycle of vaccine destruction going, before they face TRIALS for human rights violations and mass murder?