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It took the Russian war in Ukraine to expose the scam of “green” energy

Written by Ethan Huff

The West’s forced transition away from reliable fossil fuel energy into “green” energy alternatives has proven to be disastrous. And thanks to the war in Ukraine, Western economies are finally waking up to that fact.

As we reported, the European Union (EU) is slated to bring oil and gas production into the green energy fold – something that even just a year ago would have been unheard of.

Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin’s decision to stop the deep state from using Ukraine as a proxy nation to commit atrocities led to sanctions, which led to energy shortages, which led Western Europe to realize that if it does not revert back to fossil fuel use, it will be lights out very soon.

Even the corporate-controlled media, which has long praised green energy, is now admitting that we had better get those oil pumps and drilling operations going or else we can all expect a third-world style collapse come winter.

“… an energy-starved world is turning to coal as natural-gas and oil shortages exacerbated by Russia’s war against Ukraine lead countries back to the dirtiest fossil fuel,” the Journal reported.

Going “green” means destroying your economy and going into POVERTY

It turns out that fossil fuels do not have to be the “dirty” sources of energy that the greenies have long claimed they are. There are clean, safe and efficient ways to pull up fossil fuels from the earth and use them to power businesses, homes, vehicles and so much more without destroying the planet.

The EU plans to keep policies in place to ensure that fossil fuels are generated cleanly and responsibly, but no longer will they be on the chopping block for a full phase-out and ban like before.

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Even “clean coal” is making a comeback as it is needed along with the others to keep heaters going, plants growing and the world economy flowing. Wind, solar and wishful thinking are simply not enough to keep the lights on.

“… from the U.S. to Europe to China, many of the world’s largest economies are increasing short-term coal purchases to ensure sufficient supplies of electricity, despite prior pledges by many countries to reduce their coal consumption to combat climate change,” another report explains.

There is actually now so much demand for coal that prices in the global market are spiking dramatically – or at least this is the reason we are being told for the massive jump on the charts that has been seen ever since early 2021.

Benchmark prices for coal reached new records this year, one example being spot coal prices at Australia’s Newcastle port, a key supplier to Asia. There, oil topped $400 a ton for the first time ever last month.

“Hilariously, the push for coal is being led by Europe, ground zero of the ‘green movement’ which finally realized that one can’t burn fake virtue or melt posing in front of camera in the winter to keep warm, and is boosting coal purchases to ensure it can keep power flowing to homes and factories after Russia cut gas supplies to the continent,” reported Zero Hedge.

“Germany, which not long ago promised to eliminate coal as a power source by 2030, is among the nations now importing more.”

Instead of phasing out coal completely by 2030, Germany could be more reliant on it than ever before by that time. The same goes for its nuclear power plants, which were slated to shut down but will now be resurrected and put back to use in order to avoid a total economic collapse.

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French energy firms tell people to CUT BACK on energy usage immediately, or face catastrophic outages

Written by Ramon Tomey

Three major energy firms in France told people to cut back on their energy usage at the soonest, lest the country spirals into an energy crisis.

Executives of the three energy companies – Engie Managing Director Catherine MacGregor, EDF CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy and TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouyanné – issued the admonishment in a joint statement published in the French newspaper Le Journal de Dimanche.

The three bigwigs pointed to rising prices as a result of the energy crisis following the Russia-Ukraine war as a matter that threatens the “social and political cohesion” of France.

“Acting this summer will allow us to be better prepared to tackle next winter and, in particular, to preserve our gas reserves,” they said.

“We therefore call for awareness and collective and individual action so that each of us – each consumer [and] each company – changes behavior and immediately limits consumption of energy, electricity, gas and petroleum products.”

“The effort must be immediate, collective and massive,” the three energy executives noted, adding that “every gesture counts.”

France is one of many countries in the European Union (EU) that have been crippled by Russia’s decision to turn off supplies of natural gas flowing through the Nord Stream pipeline, in response to the West’s sanctions on Moscow. The resulting energy shortage, coupled with an over-dependence on clean energy under Paris’ “zero coal” policy, put France in a precarious situation. (Related: International Energy Agency head tells EU: Prepare for Russian gas shutdown.)

In a bid to address this energy shortage, the French government has proposed restarting the Emile Huchet coal-fired power plant near the country’s northwestern border with Germany.

According to Energy Central, the French Ministry of Ecological Transition revealed plans to reactivate the fossil-fuel plant “as a precaution, given the Ukrainian situation.” The ministry added that it is not ruling out operating the power plant, set to produce approximately one percent of the country’s electricity, “for a few more hours if we need it next winter.”

Nord Stream opening ceremony on 8 November 2011 with Angela MerkelDmitry MedvedevMark Rutte and François Fillon

Germany, Italy also reeling from shutoff of Russian gas

The joint statement from MacGregor, Lévy and Pouyanné followed neighboring Germany inching closer toward economic collapse. The abrupt cutoff of natural gas from Russia has left Berlin scrambling to figure out how to maintain ample energy supply come the winder.

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, who also serves as the country’s minister for economic affairs and climate action, remarked that he may be forced to shut down industry in order to keep the German power grid afloat. He previously appealed to the public to conserve energy.

“Companies would have to stop production [and] lay off their workers. Supply chains would collapse. People would go into debt to pay their heating bills [and those] people would become poorer,” said Habeck, who is a member of the Green Party in the German parliament.

Italy, also affected by the sudden stop of natural gas supply from Russia, took steps to ration its energy supply. Authorities issued a mandate limiting the use of heating and air conditioning within government buildings. The law, which took effect on May 21, prohibited schools and public offices from setting their thermostats below 25 C (77 F) in the summer and above 19 C (66 F) during the winter.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi remarked that while “a gas embargo is not on the table,” he stressed that the country would “follow the decision of the EU” on the matter.”

Nevertheless, Draghi called on Italians to do their part in keeping energy prices low through a challenge issued in the form of a question: “Do we want to have peace [in Ukraine] or do we want to have the air conditioning on?”

Watch this One America News report below discussing the energy crisis the U.S. and the EU are about to face.


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Aristotle in a New Perspective

Written by Olavo de Carvalho

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Biden wants more money to prepare for the “second pandemic” he promises is coming

Written by Mary Villareal

President Joe Biden has suggested that the government would need more money to prepare for another “pandemic” during his remarks about vaccinating children against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We do need more money. But we don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, eventually. We need more money to plan for the second pandemic, there’s gonna be another pandemic,” he said during a White House press conference on Tuesday, June 21, in response to a question about how many children can be vaccinated before funding is needed for the shots.

The question follows the U.S. Food and Drug Administration‘s authorization of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA-based COVID vaccines for children from six months to six years, despite these children being at “little to no risk” from the virus.

“I encourage every leader to ask yourself, what more can I do? How can we work more closely together to help more people? How can we save more lives?” Biden appealed during his pre-recorded remarks.

The U.S. has already surpassed one million COVID deaths, with Biden urging Americans not to grow numb from the situation and remain vigilant against the pandemic itself. He also ordered federal flags to be flown at half staff to mark the grim milestone.

“Now is the time for us to act, all of us together. We all must do more, we must honor those we have lost by doing everything we can to prevent as many deaths as possible,” he said, adding that the U.S. is now at a new stage in fighting the pandemic and is facing an evolving set of challenges.

All these talks are geared toward getting enough congressional support for more funding.

The White House has requested $22 billion from Congress in March as part of a wider spending bill, but the money was not granted due to opposition from Republicans and some Democrats. However, lawmakers appear to have reached a deal on $10 billion for COVID funding that no longer included a $5 billion overseas assistance to fight the virus.

Legislation has stalled the passing of the bill and Biden appealed to Congress to take urgent action to provide emergency COVID-19 funding to protect Americans and make sure that supplies for tests, treatments and vaccines are maintained, including next-generation vaccines that are being developed. (Related: Report: Government spent $17 trillion on pandemic recovery programs that HARM the environment.)

Without additional funding, the White House said that it will have to cut programs to help countries administer vaccinations.

Gates, Fauci also want more money

Bill Gates, a top funder of the World Health Organization (WHO), warned the public of a pandemic back in 2015. He also called for funds to be set aside to help prepare for the next one.

In 2021, Gates said in an interview that it will take “tens of billions” in research and development funds to be ready for what he predicts will be another pandemic. He said that the U.S. and the U.K. will be part of that, but it will probably take a billion a year to fund a global pandemic task force that will conduct surveillance and pandemic practices called “germ games.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who previously signed off on a program that included gain-of-function research with coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology also called for billions in funding last year to create a “universal” vaccine that could protect people against a wide spectrum of viruses that could trigger another pandemic. (Related: Research funded by Fauci and Gates could see bird flu become the next deadly pandemic.)

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a natural health expert, noted that the WHO has planned for ten years of infectious diseases from 2020 to 2030 as revealed by virologist Marion Koopmans.

When asked about the chances of a second pandemic, Koopmans said that it has been the WHO’s 10-year plan for some time. The plan itself says that there will be a major infectious disease crisis, and COVID-19 was year one.

Mercola also pointed out that there were thousands of medical doctors and scientists who now believe that the pandemic was planned and used to install a world dictatorship, citing evidence such as a coronavirus outbreak simulation in October 2019.

“Event 201,” as it was called, highlighted the “totalitarian” measures that were taken worldwide under the pretext of health, such as the National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan that calls for the use of a digital “patient identification number” to track all Americans after testing them for COVID-19.


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SCIENCE FAIL: Portuguese court rules PCR tests are unreliable, unlawful “evidence” of alleged Covid-19 infections

Written by Ethan Huff

Quarantining people based solely on a “positive” PCR test is no longer lawful in Portugal, thanks to a court decision ruling the test to be inherently unreliable, and thus fraudulent for policy-making purposes.

Citing Jaafar et al. 2020, the court determined that the PCR test produces varying results depending on an individual’s viral load, as well as on the number of cycles used. In its conclusion, the court wrote that:

“… if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the U.S.), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”

In other words, people who get tested with a PCR test will more than likely receive an inaccurate result, usually a false positive. This would suggest that the official Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) numbers are majorly skewed, making the plandemic seem worse than it actually is.

Amazingly, nobody seems to know which cycle threshold for the PCR test was being used in Portugal up until this point. Consequently, there is no way to know how many people who tested “positive” actually had the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

In India where the standard cycle threshold is between 37 and 40, the reliability of the PCR test there is similarly less than three percent, with a false positive rate as high as 97 percent.

You will find more of the latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) at

PCR test never intended to detect whole viruses

The case in Portugal came about after four people were forcibly quarantined by the Regional Health Authority (RHA). One of these individuals received a PCR test, while the other three were deemed to have undergone “a high risk of exposure.”

The RHA decided that all of them were “infectious” based on the circumstances, mandating that they go into forced isolation for the prescribed two-week period that most governments seem to be utilizing.

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These individuals sued for fraudulent science and won, setting a precedent for the PCR test to hopefully be discarded as pseudoscientific quackery, which is exactly what it is.

Even The New York Times told the truth by revealing that most people who test “positive” using a PCR test are actually negative and healthy.

Testing data collected from Massachusetts, New York, Nevada and elsewhere show that upwards of 90 percent of people who test “positive” with a PCR test are perfectly normal and disease-free.

“Given how much scientific doubt exists – as voiced by experts, i.e., those who matter – about the reliability of the PCR tests, given the lack of information concerning the tests’ analytical parameters, and in the absence of a physician’s diagnosis supporting the existence of infection or risk, there is no way this court would ever be able to determine whether C was indeed a carrier of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or whether A, B and D had been at a high risk of exposure to it,” the Portuguese court corroborated about the faulty nature of the PCR test.

It is important to keep in mind that the PCR was never intended to be used as a method of trying to copy genetic material, which is how it is being used in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) testing.

“It was never intended to be a diagnostic tool,” Great Game India reports.

In essence, if a PCR test is conducted on an immune person and turns up “positive,” what it is actually pulling up is perhaps a “shattered part of the viral genome.”

“Even if the infectious viruses are long dead, a corona test can come back positive because the PCR method multiplies even a tiny fraction of the viral genetic material enough [to be detected],” Great Game India further notes.


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HYPOCRITES: Climate change conference will use coal-powered charging stations and diesel generators to charge electric vehicles

Written by Arsenio Toledo 

There are not enough electric vehicle charging stations in Glasgow, Scotland to power the supposedly green cars that will transport heads of state and other VIPs around the city during the United Nations’ 2021 Climate Change Conference, or COP26. Instead of using the coal-powered electric vehicle charging stations, some of the cars will instead be charged using diesel generators.

The COP26 climate change summit is set to begin on Oct. 31 and will last for almost two weeks until Nov. 12. More than 120 heads of state and their respective delegations are set to attend and commit to even more unrealistic climate policies, similar to those outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

To transport the VIPs around Glasgow, the event’s organizers have procured around 240 electric vehicles from British automobile company Jaguar Land Rover, including I-Pace SUVs. (Related: The Chinese Communist Party is behind a U.S. ‘climate change’ activism conference.)

But the entire city of around 610,000 residents has fewer than 250 electric vehicle charging points, or about one for every 23 electric vehicles in Glasgow. It should be noted that these charging stations are powered at least partially by coal.

The arrival of the 240 electric vehicles to be used by COP26 VIPs will only make the demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure surge. To make sure that the vehicles of the heads of state and their delegations have power at all times, the electric vehicle fleet has to be recharged using diesel generators.

A spokesman for COP26 has admitted that the diesel generators will be necessary, but he insisted that they would run on renewable hydrogenated vegetable oil derived from food waste products like chip fat rather than on actual diesel.

“World leaders will be provided with EVs for the duration of their stay,” said the spokesman.

Organizers are still finalizing the number of diesel generators and where they will be placed in the city. But there is speculation that some of them could be placed as far away as 47 miles outside of the city.

COP26 organizers claim they will offset carbon emitted by the electric vehicles

The British government has also confirmed the plan to ferry VIPs around in Jaguar Land Rover SUVs powered by diesel despite it insisting that “sustainability will be at the core of COP26.”


The government claimed the SUVs have been procured from existing fleets of vehicles in the U.K., “helping ensure the carbon footprint remains low.”

“The U.K. will be offsetting all carbon emissions associated with running the event,” said the COP26 spokesperson. “We are aiming to achieve ISO 20121 certification, which will address all aspects of sustainability of the event including carbon, waste management and supply chain management. We are working with sustainability consultants on this effort.”

The spokesperson continued: “COP26 will be a carbon-neutral event and we will be the first COP to achieve validation using the PAS2060 international standard on carbon-neutrality.”

These statements from the British government and COP26 organizers have been met with skepticism, even from other climate activists.

Colin Howden, director of Transform Scotland, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “sustainable transportation,” called the British government “disgraceful.”

“Governments are great at pretending to take action on sustainable transport, but this reveals the complete lack of preparedness for the wholesale switch away from fossil fuel cars that we require,” said Howden.

Instead of using the electric vehicles powered by coal and diesel generators, Howden insisted that world leaders should instead use Glasgow’s fleet of electric buses.

COP26 will be held at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, an exhibition center. Along with the 120 heads of state, around 25,000 people are expected to come to the event as conference participants and protesters.

The event’s carbon output is expected to be massive. Apart from the electric vehicles that will be powered using coal and diesel generators, a huge security operation is in the works to ensure the safety of the VIPS.

This security operation, codenamed Operation Urram, will involve the deployment of around 10,000 police officers and 200 police dogs each day. Many of the police officers will be flown in from England.

Operation Urram also puts the British Armed Forces and the coast guard on high alert for potential threats.

The Queen of England is even expected to attend a banquet for the world leaders attending the event.

It is unclear how exactly the event’s organizers plan to offset all the supposedly dangerous carbon that will be emitted during the event.

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UN says social unrest is coming as a consequence of “war-fueled” food inflation

Written by Ethan Huff

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David Beasley, the current head of the United Nations World Food Programme, is warning that a perfect storm of global economic collapse is rapidly forming.

Extreme weather, war, the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), and financial failure are all simultaneously setting the stage for a “war-fueled” crisis of biblical proportions.

“If people can’t feed their children and their families, then the politics unsettles,” Beasley told CNN during a recent conference. (Related: India, the world’s second-largest wheat exporter, just cut off all wheat exports.)

The UN itself is now having to ration its food supplies due to high prices and supply disruptions. This is causing millions of people who rely on this sustenance to suffer.

“If we’re not there with a safety net program, then the political extremists or whatever the case may be, will exploit that,” Beasley said, noting that many hungry children are suffering.

“Next thing you know, you’ve got riots, famine, destabilization and then mass migration by necessity.”

The biggest problem this year, according to Beasley, is food prices. Next year, it will morph into a food availability problem as supplies run dry due to various factors.

“In 2023, you’re going to have a food shortage problem,” Beasley says.

2022 will see the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII (and it’ll probably be much worse)

The entire world is feeling the pain of all this, but poorer countries are feeling it the worst. Beasley says that many African countries are already in a state of social unrest due to a lack of food or food becoming too expensive for families to afford.

“In the United States, some people might buy less Netflix, but you have enough money to buy the food you need,” he says. “It’s going to be tough on people, but nothing compared to Chad, Mali and Ethiopia.”


Americans on fixed incomes and others on the poorer end of the economic spectrum are also facing tough times at the grocery store as well as at the gas pump. If things are already this bad here, imagine how they are elsewhere?

“You can imagine what the heck is happening in places like Chad, Malawi, and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo),” Beasley says.

The war in Syria and the Arab Spring uprising in 2011 were both preceded by food inflation and supply issues. However, conditions now are already much, much worse with no end in sight.

Back in January, the UN warned that 2022 would face a humanitarian crisis not seen since World War II. It is already shaping up to be much worse than that, possibly resulting in World War III.

The UN said this before Russia invaded Ukraine, by the way, which makes the situation even more precarious.

Global trade is currently in the process of shutting down, it would seem. And with Ukraine being the “breadbasket” of Europe, the food crisis is absolutely going to get worse as the year progresses.

Under normal circumstances, Ukraine grows enough food to feed about 400 million people. With exports now cut off, many will starve.

“That’s pretty much going to be out of the equation for many, many months,” Beasley says about Ukraine’s now-shuttered food exports.

Critical Black Sea ports are also now offline because of the conflict, which is physically preventing goods from traveling to where they need to be.

“It’s going to be so much worse than you think,” Beasley stated ominously during his speech.

Billionaires could help the situation if they were not so greedy, Beasley added.

“I just need two days of your net worth increase,” he says to the upper crust. “Is that too much to ask?”

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Spanish government admits to spraying chemtrails on citizens, at behest of the UN

Written by Lance D Johnson

During the strategically-planned covid-19 “state of emergency,” the United Nations (UN) authorized the Spanish government to spray lethal chemtrails from the skies. On April 16, 2020, the Spanish government quietly admitted that they authorized the military to spray biocides on the entire population. This population-wide medical experiment was carried out under the cover of a “state of emergency for the management of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19.” This desperate, yet well-devised plan violates multiple counts of the Nuremberg Code — a human rights and medical ethics treaty that is not being enforced in any capacity.

Spanish Minister of Health was authorized to use military units to spray citizens en masse

This biocidal chemtrail operation was enabled by Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14th, which enabled the Minister of Health to take “a series of measures aimed at protecting the welfare, health and safety of citizens and the containment of the progression of the disease and strengthen the public health system.”

Royal Decree 463/2020 enables the Minister of Health “to dictate the orders, resolutions, provisions and interpretive instructions that, within their scope of action as a delegated authority, are necessary to guarantee the provision of all services, ordinary or extraordinary, in order to protect of people, goods and places, through the adoption of any of the measures provided for in article eleven of Organic Law 4/1981, of June 1, of the states of alarm, exception and site.”

Furthermore, order SND/351/2020 gave the Spanish Ministry of Health the supreme and unlimited power to activate the Spanish Armed Forces and Military Emergency Units to deploy biocide chemicals over the citizens. Health Minister Salvador Illa Roca used these new powers to “dictate” medical experiments over the entire population, using the military as a tool in accordance with article 15.3 of Organic Law 5/2005, of the National defense.

Spain has a history of using “aerial media” to modify the weather

Spain had previously adopted procedures to spray the entire population with chemicals. The UNE-EN 14476 standard authorizes the Ministry of Health to prepare a list of virucidal chemicals, antiseptics and disinfectants. The Royal decree calls for the Ministry of Health to activate “aerial media” and “aerial disinfection techniques” to be deployed during an emergency. The techniques include nebulization, thermos nebulization and micro nebulization, with the stated goal of reaching “all surfaces” in the country. The CBRN defense units inside the Armed Forces and Military Unit of Emergencies are already equipped to deploy these materials and carry out nationwide aerial disinfectant procedures.

These actions are typically referred to as “conspiracy theory” even though Spain has previously been used as a testing ground for chemtrails that include lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite. These chemtrail operations were used in 2015 to engineer the climate. The cocktail increases local temperatures and pushes moisture out of the sky to create conditions conducive for tourism. MEP Ramon Tremosa Balcells testified to the European Parliament on May 19, 2015 that workers from the State Meteorological Agency reported planes spreading the toxic chemicals across Spain.

Globalists such as Bill Gates are also trying to use countries as testing grounds for sun-dimming chemtrail projects. These geo-engineering projects have been proposed as solutions for “climate change.” Bill Gate’s project has been deemed unethical by international scientists. These geo-engineering programs negatively impact weather patterns, agriculture, ecosystems, air quality, human health and food and water security, while calling into question a variety of human rights violations. Who owns the skies and who will be held accountable for experimenting on human populations without their consent?

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