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IT NEVER ENDS: Israel prepares citizens to receive fourth dose of a COVID-19 vaccine that has already failed with THREE doses

Written by Arsenio Toledo

Israel is now preparing its citizens to take a fourth dose of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. The Middle Eastern nation first talked about preparing people for the fourth vaccine dose back in September, when National Coronavirus Czar Dr. Salman Zarka said that taking more booster shots is necessary.

“Given that the virus is here and will continue to be here, we also need to prepare for a fourth injection,” said Zarka. “This is our life from now on, in waves.”

Ministry of Health Director-General Nachman Ash backed up Zarka’s earlier statement in a recent interview. “We don’t know when it will happen,” said Ash. “I hope very much that it won’t be within six months like this time, and that the third dose will last for longer.”‘

During a press briefing, Ash refused to give a specific timetable for the rollout of the fourth dose.

“It’s probably a matter of time,” he said. “If [protection] lasts for a year, we’d be delighted… In any case, it probably will not last many years, even the booster shot, and we will have to keep getting vaccinated from time to time. I hope it will be a year or more.”

In line with Ash’s announcements, the government is making preparations to ensure that the country has a sufficient supply of COVID-19 vaccines so that all those who are eligible for a fourth dose will have access to it when it becomes needed.

Israeli officials said in a press conference that boosters are actually more effective at preventing COVID-19 than the first two doses. The country’s COVID-19 pandemic advisory panel even recommended administering vaccine boosters to teenagers.

The panel claimed this decision was based on studies that showed giving boosters extends the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Israeli children likely getting infected by vaccinated adults

As preparations are made to begin administering the fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose, the country’s mass vaccination program for booster shots continues.

Dr. Salman Zarka, director of Ziv Medical Center in Safed

As of Monday, November 22, around 2.8 million of the seven million eligible Israelis have already received booster shots. (Related: Israel conducts nationwide “war games” to prepare for future post-vaccine COVID-19 outbreaks.)

Israel also recently expanded its rollout of COVID-19 vaccines to allow children between the ages of five to 11 to take them.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said the country is experiencing a “children’s wave” of COVID-19 infections. Around half of the country’s recently confirmed cases are among children aged 11 or below.

Israel has around 1.2 million children between the ages of five to 11. Israeli scientists claimed that by November, around a third of new COVID-19 cases were coming from this age group. Bennett and the scientists failed to point out that these children most likely got infected through their fully vaccinated parents or other relatives.

Before the rollout for younger children began on Monday, Israel had already started providing the experimental and dangerous COVID-19 vaccines to older children between the ages of 12 and 17. Israeli health authorities were convinced to lower the age threshold after trials from Pfizer that supposedly showed the vaccine to be effective and safe for children.

The country is so willing to risk the health of its children that the prime minister’s own youngest son is scheduled to be vaccinated on Tuesday morning, November 23.

The tactics Israel is using to convince its citizens that children should be vaccinated are working. A poll by Israeli healthcare provider Maccabi found that 41 percent of parents to children ages five to 11 were positive they will vaccinate their kids. Thirty-eight percent said they will not vaccinate their children and 21 percent of respondents were still undecided.

If Israel continues to pull out all the stops to trick its citizens into believing more and more vaccines are necessary, there is no telling when the vaccinations will end.

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Eighty medical centers in the US are now conducting inhumane, heart-damaging genetic experiments on BABIES

Written by Lance D Johnson

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As the Christmas season nears, children are being experimented on with a new genetic technology that causes permanent heart damage and immune system depletion. There are now eighty medical centers in the United States that are conducting needless, heart damaging genetic experiments on children younger than five. These medical centers are taking orders from Pfizer and Moderna and plunging their deadly, debilitating experiments into babies. (Watch a Bayer executive admit that pharmaceutical companies coerced people to take part in a gene therapy, cell experiment “that was not possible before.”)

The exploitation of children continues with genetic experiments that will harm them for life

Many communities across the United States have abused children for over a year, instilling a spirit of fear in their minds and casting terror and division in their hearts. So many schoolchildren have been taught that subjugation and abuse is necessary for the good of all, that subservience to harmful government decrees is an act of goodwill.

After spending nearly two years depriving children of oxygen, movement, social development, sport competition, body autonomy rights, human interaction, language development and learning opportunities, there still isn’t any significant data to prove that children are any more at risk to covid-19 than they would be to any other infectious disease! The diabolical mask mandates, contact tracing, isolation and prison-like distancing was a charade of safety that sets parents and children up to accept further propaganda and medical experimentation inside their bodies.

Now these same children are being lined up to take part in a needless, heart damaging genetic experiments that have claimed thousands of adult lives and caused suffering to hundreds of thousands more. Three thousand children under the age of five have been “chosen” to take part in this destructive medical experiment. The University of Wisconsin is one of the institutions pushing the experiment into babies. “We started about a week and a half ago bringing the families in, evaluating the children, and then giving them the first injection,” said Dr. William Hartman of UW Health. The university was praised by the corporate media.


Dr. Steve Plimpton, the lead investigator for the Moderna study, said that kids are considered “vectors” and should be inoculated (even though vaccinated people have proven to be carriers and unvaccinated people have been found to have durable immunity.)

Numerous medical professionals are speaking against covid vaccines for children

As the experiment continues with children, the only thing that can come of it is more needless suffering and death, more allergic reactions, nervous system disorders, myocarditis, blood clots and immune system depletion. Listen to this father tell how his teenage son was killed by the Pfizer experiment. This is happening to countless teenagers and young adult athletes who are suffering from cardiac arrest in plain sight. One of the girls who volunteered in the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine trial was permanently injured and disabled by the vaccine. She tried to speak out about it, but was blacklisted by Comcast and Big Tech.

Numerous medical professionals are speaking out, warning that kids should not be vaccinated with this destructive protocol. Even the most ardent supporters of vaccines, like Dr. Ben Carson, are going anti-vax with the covid shots. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the messenger RNA technology, concurs that “there is absolutely no scientific or medical justification for vaccinating children.”

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, said the risks of experimental vaccines outweigh any potential benefits when it comes to children. Speaking to the America’s Thought Leaders program, Dr Kulldorff said, “I don’t think children should be vaccinated for COVID,” he said. “I’m a huge fan of vaccinating children for measles, for mumps, for polio, for rotavirus, and many other diseases, that’s critical. But COVID is not a huge threat to children.”

How many babies, children, and healthy young adults must be disabled and murdered in cold blood just to please the government and give a false sense of security to the “public health?”


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Bayer executive says covid mRNA shots are “gene therapy” falsely marketed as “vaccines”

Written by Ethan Huff 

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Stefan Oelrich, the president of Bayer’s pharmaceuticals division, admitted to international “experts” during a recent globalist health conference that both of the mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccines” from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are not vaccines at all, but rather “cell and gene therapy” injections in disguise.

At the recent World Health Summit, which took place in Berlin from October 24-26, 6,000 attendees from 120 countries got to hear Oelrich say this. They also got to hear him explain that had these injections been marketed as what they actually are, most people probably would have rejected them.

“We are really taking that leap [to drive innovation] – us as a company, Bayer – in cell and gene therapies … ultimately the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy, Oelrich said.

“I always like to say: if we had surveyed two years ago in the public – ‘would you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?’ – we probably would have had a 95% refusal rate.”

The only reason that there has been any “success” at all as far as getting the masses to roll up their sleeves is because Big Pharma got away with lying to the public about what these things are and what they supposedly do.

“Our successes over these 18 months [the duration of the COVID ‘pandemic’] should embolden us to fully focus much more closely on access, innovation and collaboration to unleash health for all, especially as we enter, on top of everything else that is happening, a new era of science – a lot of people talk about the Bio Revolution in this context,” Oelrich continued to brag at the event.

Covid “vaccines” are reprogramming people’s bodies to become a new AI-driven slave race

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was also complicit, having changed the definition of “vaccine” to include mRNA injections.

The fake federal agency, which is really just a private corporation in disguise, decided that the old definition of vaccine was “problematic” for the purposes of purveying the plandemic lie. So the agency scrapped it entirely and came up with a whole new definition that suited the narrative.

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This “Bio Revolution” to which Oelrich referred during his speech is described by the McKinsey Global Institute as “a confluence of advances in biological science and accelerating development of computing, automation, and artificial intelligence [that] is fueling a new wave of innovation.”

“This Bio Revolution could have significant impact on economies and our lives, from health and agriculture to consumer goods, and energy and materials,” McKinsey further says.

In other words, Big Pharma’s mRNA injections are laying the groundwork for a total transformation of humanity into an artificial intelligence-driven slave race controlled by whatever else the globalists have planned to install into people’s bodies via “vaccination.”

Oelrich further advocated for depopulating the planet by handing out more contraceptives to “an additional hundred million women” across Europe.

“We’ve invested 400 million this year into new plants that are dedicated to produce long-acting contraceptives for women in low-and-middle income countries,” he explained.

“Together with Bill and Melinda Gates, we’re working very closely on family planning initiatives.”

Continued covid shot administration combined with these other depopulation methods will eventually create a “sustainable” world, Oelrich says.

Oelrich is also a vocal proponent of the so-called “Great Reset” initiative, which the World Economic Forum (WEF) says is being driven in large part by the plandemic.

“To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions,” says WEF founder Klaus Schwab.

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Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci ADMIT coronavirus vaccines do not work as advertised

Written by Arsenio Toledo

Billionaire Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor of President Joe Biden, both admitted that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines do not work.

In an interview for the New York Times podcast Friday, Nov. 12, Fauci said that the vaccines do not work as advertised and that Americans are facing severely waning immunity to COVID-19.

“We’re starting to see waning immunity against infection and waning immunity in the beginning aspect of hospitalization,” said Fauci. He compared America’s situation to Israel, whose current ordeal can serve as a blueprint for what the United States might end up facing.

“They are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly,” said Fauci.

“It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital.”

Fauci’s solution to this problem is to promote more vaccinations. He said that fully vaccinated people should get their booster doses immediately.

“If one looks back at this, one can say, do you know, it isn’t as if a booster is a bonus, but a booster might actually be an essential part of the primary regimen that people should have,” he said. “I think that boosting is gonna be an absolutely essential component of our response, not a bonus, not a luxury, but an absolutely essential part of the program.” (Related: Fauci KNEW COVID-19 is a biological weapon created in Wuhan lab but chose not to tell Trump – Brighteon.TV.)

Gates wants Big Pharma to create “new way of doing the vaccine”

Gates’ admission occurred on Nov. 5, during an interview with British think tank Policy Exchange and conservative Member of Parliament Jeremy Hunt.

According to the billionaire tech giant, the “economic damage” and death toll from COVID-19 is “completely horrific.”

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Gates failed to point out that the economic damage from COVID-19 is almost entirely due to lockdowns and other coronavirus-related restrictions. He also failed to mention that a large portion of the death toll, especially in this past year, came from people who died after taking the vaccine and people who were infected by fully vaccinated individuals.

The billionaire hopes that the world’s experience with COVID-19 will lead to “larger research and development budgets” to better prepare for future pandemics. This means he wants more money to be invested in the pharmaceutical industry.

“You know, we didn’t have vaccines that block transmission. We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduced transmission,” said Gates. “We need a new way of doing the vaccine. We didn’t get much in the way of therapeutics.”

Gates’ admission comes despite the fact that he is one of the single largest proponents of presently-available COVID-19 vaccines and has aggressively pushed for these rushed, experimental and deadly vaccines to be injected into every man, woman and child on the planet.

The billionaire tech giant is also responsible for promoting and funding initiatives for the creation of COVID-19 vaccine passports globally. He has also promoted and defended tyrannical coronavirus lockdowns which do not stop the spread of the virus.

Dakota Christensen, writing for Rebel News, pointed out how hypocritical it is that Gates can freely make statements like this without fear of censorship.

His interview with Hunt and Policy Exchange is even hosted on YouTube, a platform that has broadened its censorship policy to ban all “misinformation” regarding vaccines, including “claims that vaccines do not reduce transmission or contraction of disease.”

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Vaccine passports DEACTIVATED for French citizens who fail to get THIRD shot… the obedience demands never end

Written by Ethan Huff 

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One of the first countries to introduce “vaccine passports” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is already demanding a third injection in order for people to keep their credentials up to date.

French citizens who fail to take a “booster” shot for the Fauci Flu will reportedly now be locked out of certain parts of society. This includes people who took the first two mRNA (messenger RNA) jabs but not the third, fourth and however many more are introduced in the future.

The new rule currently applies to French people over the age of 65, who are being told that their passports will be “deactivated” if they refuse to comply once they become eligible.

“The vaccine passport is required to access most entertainment and leisure venues,” reports explain.

“The French government recently announced that booster shots are available. All people over 65 are eligible for the booster shots if it has been six months since their second dose of the vaccine.”

If six months has passed and an over-65 person becomes eligible for a booster shot, he or she will have five weeks to get it before the vaccine passport is deactivated. This deactivation process will commence on December 15.

People with underlying health conditions as well as those who work in health care will also soon be eligible for a booster shot. They, too, will have to comply or else face getting shut out of society.

“The booster shots will become available to those over the age of 50 in early December.”

Up-to-date vaccine passports needed in France to buy, sell

Currently in France, a vaccine passport for the Chinese Flu is required to enter bars, restaurants, various entertainment and leisure venues and long-distance train travel.

The only way an unvaccinated person can participate in any of these things is by showing proof of a recent recovery or showing a “negative” test that was taken within 72 hours before participation.

Emmanuel Macron is, of course, behind the push. He is the one who made the announcement restricting society to only those who obey his commands.

“If you have been vaccinated more than six months ago, I encourage you to book an appointment now,” Macron announced in a speech, also laying out other plans for the remaining five months of his mandate.

Thus far, 3.3 million French residents out of the 7.7 million who are eligible have taken their third booster in obedience to Macron. After his announcement, the number of booked appointments supposedly “surged.”

When asked about reforming France’s pension system as promised, Macron told the media that this will no longer be possible before the end of his current term. It is apparently much more important to him that people get injected instead.

“The conditions are not there to restart that project today,” he pronounced. “As soon as 2022, clear decisions will have to be taken. They will be part of a democratic debate.”

Following the recent COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Macron also announced that France will begin constructing new nuclear reactors in order to “guarantee France’s energy independence” and to “reach our carbon neutrality goals.”

Macron further commended the European Union’s other leadership for getting France the Chinese Virus injections at warp speed, which he said would have otherwise not been possible.

“Our partners are not foreigners,” he bragged. “Our neighbors were confronted with the same waves [of coronavirus] that we know.”

Macron further called for the 27 EU member nations to move closer together “to better protect our external borders, to better regulate digital giants, to build a credible strategy to reduce our CO2 emissions.”

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GAVI Vaccine Alliance: The source of terror behind global lockdowns and vaccine coercion

Written by Lance D Johnson

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(Natural News) The World Health Organization (WHO) is facilitating a global health dictatorship, commanding all member states to enforce totalitarian lock downs and far-reaching medical edicts that empower government authorities and the vaccine industry – not human health.

WHO’s authoritarian recommendations were adopted in rapid fashion by almost every government on Earth. The behavioral controls and livelihood restrictions imposed by WHO have no basis in immune system health, mental health, or general well being. WHO operates like a global oligarchy, forcing all member states to carry out their orders. In 2020 and beyond, WHO has ordered populations into isolation, avoidance, and unlawful quarantines. WHO has forced perpetual oxygen restrictions, coercive DNA harvesting, and mRNA vaccines experiments, while instructing governments around the world to quash civil liberties and promote medical martial law. This dictatorship is giving rise to a medical apartheid – a system of segregation that punishes healthy people for not complying.

Bill Gates Vaccine Alliance is the source of terror behind WHO’s lock downs and coercive vaccine passports

Where is WHO coming up with these restrictive medical edicts and coercive vaccine policies? According to WHO insider Astrid Stuckelberger, Ph.D., WHO serves the financial interests of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance run by Bill Gates. GAVI was formed in 2000 and set up as an international institution in Switzerland. GAVI operates tax free and enjoys blanket immunity against criminal sanctions. Bill Gates leveraged GAVI and bought his influence into the WHO. He even asked to become a member state in 2017, with the privilege of being on WHO’s executive board.

Bill Gates now controls Swissmedic, the FDA of Switzerland, due to a three-way vaccine distribution contract agreement reached by Gates, WHO, and the Swiss regulatory agency. By controlling WHO, Gates funnels tens of billions of dollars through his GAVI Vaccine Alliance, with the ultimate power of controlling member states. As the controller of information and the arbiter of science, Gates and the vaccine industry has the power to suppress prophylactics, treatments, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and antivirals. Bill Gates and GAVI is the source of terror behind WHO, the lock downs, restrictions, and authoritarian medical edicts that are compelling vaccination experiments.

WHO insider, Astrid Stuckelberger came clean about WHO’s political motivations and how the science is manipulated and leveraged to force populations to comply with vaccine experiments. Stuckelberger is an international expert who evaluates scientific research and advises policymakers. She has written more than 180 scientific articles, policy papers and governmental reports. She admits that this research is conducted to support political agendas and to justify government policy. Since 2009, she managed WHO’s international health regulations, which were primarily used to prepare member states to act in unison during a future pandemic. At the center of this world government plandemic is Bill Gates and the GAVI Vaccine Alliance.

GAVI and WHO control governments around the world now, threaten populations

Bill Gates has more power and influence over WHO than entire nations. The United Nations originally established WHO, but has repeatedly refused to rein in their dictatorial powers, illegal quarantine procedures, coercive vaccine passports, and undemocratic power grabs.

Justus Hoffmann, Ph.D., one of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee members, pointed out that GAVI has no political power but enjoys “qualified diplomatic immunity.” GAVI is immune from all criminal business dealing, as well, whether their potential criminal actions are intentional or inadvertent.

“They can do whatever they want,” Stuckelberger confirmed, and they answer to no authority. No law enforcement is allowed to investigate GAVI, even if the Vaccine Alliance was implicated in a criminal conspiracy to defraud or coerce people. Stuckelberger, who worked four years on the ethics committee for the WHO, said its “disturbing” that GAVI enjoys blanket immunity especially when GAVI is “directing, as a corporate entity, the WHO.”

The director general of WHO forces all member states to follow GAVI’s orders, from the type of diagnostic tests, to the type of treatments allowed, to top-down populations controls, pandemic messaging, and most importantly, vaccine experimentation. The WHO has been set up over the years to assume dictatorial power over world governments and GAVI is the source of their authoritarianism, terror, and coercive vaccination push. After months of using high cycle PCR tests to diagnose covid-19, the WHO finally alerted the world in January of 2021 that these tests were producing mostly false positives all along. As laboratories dial back the cycle threshold on the PCR tests, the official number of covid cases and deaths will slowly dissipate. This medical fraud will not stop the wave of hospital dependence, ventilator-associated pneumonia, lung infections, stress induced heart disease, drug overdoses, severe mental illness, and vaccine injury that is now taking hold of the world.