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Globalists have been planning to starve the world with food scarcity since at least 2015

Written by Arsenio Toledo

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The globalists have been planning a global famine that would collapse American society as early as 2015.

This is according to Edward Szall, an investigative reporter who spoke to Stew Peters on “The Stew Peters Show” about a crisis simulation conducted in November 2015. This simulation was called the “Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game” and was conducted over the course of two days in Washington, D.C.

Present in the simulation was an international group of policymakers, academics and business leaders. The group includes representatives from the countries that produce the largest amount of food, including Brazil, China and Ukraine. (Related: Merritt Medical Hour: Starvation and famine will be weaponized to control people – Brighteon.TV.)

Also present were representatives from the World Wildlife Foundation, the Center for American Progress and the Center for Naval Analyses, a federally funded research and development center for the Navy and the Marine Corps.

The simulation takes place between 2020 and 2030. According to the projections made during the simulation, the decade brought about two major food crises which saw prices surging by nearly 400 percent.

The crisis simulation also predicted extreme weather events supposedly caused by climate change, several famines and refugee crises in Bangladesh, Chad, Myanmar and Sudan, and the toppling of the governments of Pakistan and Ukraine.

Some of these predictions ended up becoming a reality, especially regarding Ukraine and Pakistan. The ongoing war in Ukraine is already well known. But in Pakistan, former Prime Minister Imran Khan was recently overthrown and a new, more Western-friendly government has taken over.

Khan alleged that his ouster from power was organized by “foreign elements,” who used many members of Pakistan’s parliament to further their own goals.

Globalists preparing to institute global carbon taxes on food

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The simulation also predicted that the world would experience “a steep price spike with looming global food shortages” in 2022. In response to these food shortages, the European Union in the simulation introduced a carbon tax on meat products which would only be reversed in 2025 when harvests return to normal.

“We’ve learned that a carbon tax is a possibility in years ahead,” said Joe Stone, at the time the corporate vice president of Cargill and the company’s representative in the simulation.

Szall remarked that it was very weird that the only response the crisis simulation had to famine was a global carbon tax.

“The global response should be [to] plant more food, get back to the hyper localization of farming, prepare,” said Szall. “Their response was ‘We’re going to make your burger, your Big Mac, cost $20. And guess what … if you have any problem with it, you’re a terrorist, you’re a problem to the government, you’re someone who should be monitored.'”

During the crisis simulation, Szall said, several participants raised the point that people will have problems with being forced to pay more for food because of carbon taxes. The simulation’s solution to this, according to Szall, was for governments to “build out some kind of network to watch them.”

Szall pointed out that Cargill, one of the simulation’s main participants, is connected to Bill Gates through their initiatives to replace natural meat with lab-grown meat. Furthermore, the investigative reporter said the keynote speaker of the crisis simulation is John Podesta, the former manager of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign.

“I can’t say that I’m surprised at all,” said Peters. “John Podesta, directly tied to Hillary Clinton, all of them in bed with Bill Gates. All of them, key components in this Luciferian global cabal, all a part of the Deep State.”

Learn more about the global food crisis and how it may have been engineered by globalists at Globalism.news.

Watch this clip from “The Stew Peters Show” as host Stew Peters and investigative reporter Edward Szall talk in detail about the premeditated plan to plunge America into a famine.


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WHO corruption is one of the biggest threats to public health – and its power may be about to expand like never before

Written by Cassie B.

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In recent years, many problems have been presented as posing the biggest threat to public health of our time, from antibiotic resistance to the pandemic and the effects of vaccines. However, we can’t ignore another threat that has the potential to do far more damage than any of those issues on their own: the World Health Organization.

By now, it is clear that the WHO colluded with China to spread misinformation about COVID-19. Their slow response and initial downplaying of the pandemic are being blamed for the disease’s quick spread in the early days. Initially, they echoed the official party line from Beijing that there was little to no risk of the virus being transmitted among humans, despite there being plenty of evidence to contrary. Even when nearby Taiwan warned about the disease’s propensity to spread, they refused to take action. Millions of people traveled to and from Wuhan at the time, and we all know how that ended up.

Despite hospitals in Wuhan overflowing with patients and medical supplies running out, the WHO claimed it was too early to declare it a public health emergency, refusing to restrict travel and trade. It wouldn’t be until several months later, on March 11, that they declared coronavirus a pandemic, even while continuing to praise China for its handling of the disease. The situation was so appalling that President Trump directed his administration to stop funding the organization while reviewing its handling of the pandemic and then pulled the U.S. out of the WHO altogether.

However, one of Joe Biden’s first acts as president was retracting that withdrawal, recommitting the country to full participation in the WHO and the financial obligations that come with it. Unfortunately, this gives them the power to continue to threaten public health in many ways.

Proposed amendments to International Health Regulations are causing major concerns

One of the biggest concerns right now, however, are amendments proposed by the WHO to the International Health Regulations, or IHR, to set up a globalist architecture of health surveillance, reporting and management. The public, not surprisingly, will not be allowed to provide any input regarding the amendments, in direct violation of the basic concept of democracy.

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The IHR, which were adopted by the WHO’s 194 member states in 2005, allow the body to declare what is known as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, or PHEIC, if an infectious disease outbreak takes place in a member state, but it currently must be done with the consent of the state in question.

The proposed amendments, however, allow the WHO Director-General to control the declaration of public health emergencies in any member state, even if they object, completely ignoring the sovereignty of the nations involved.

The amendments would also give WHO regional directors authority to declare a Public Health Emergency of Regional Concern (PHERC) wherever they choose. The Director-General will also be granted the power to declare an Intermediate Public Health Alert.

Increased surveillance and secret sources among the proposed amendments

Part of the proposal is an amendment to Article 5 of the IHR that will increase surveillance to develop risk assessments, using the types of predictions and modeling that exaggerated Covid risks a few years ago and sent the world into panic mode.

Article 9, meanwhile, allows WHO to rely on undisclosed sources for the information they use to declare public health emergencies. There are fears that pharmaceutical companies and major WHO donors like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation could have undue power over how countries operate. This influence is already seen in the body’s biased drug recommendations and lists of “essential medicines.”

The significant influence of private money at the corrupt WHO prompted a review in the Journal of Integrative Medicine & Therapy to declare the body’s corruption the “biggest threat to the world’s public health of our time” – and it may be about to get worse.


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Mass die-off: Close to 180,000 died within 60 days of COVID-19 vaccination ­– England statistics office makes stunning admission

Written by Bell Carter

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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England revealed that a total of 69,466 people died within 28 days and 178,874 people died within 60 days of getting injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine between January 2021 and March 2022.

ONS published the data on deaths by vaccination status on May 16. The report included a chart titled “Number of Deaths within 28 Days of COVID-19 Vaccination in England.”

The total fatalities were broken down to 7,953 people who died positive for the virus and 61,513 people who expired due to other causes within 28 days of vaccination. During the same timeframe, a total of 14,049 people died from coronavirus and a total of 164,825 people died from other causes within 60 days of vaccination.

The data was released following dozens of Freedom of Information inquiries made to various government institutions requesting to know the number of people who died after receiving the jabs. (Related: CDC hides COVID data from the public in order to whitewash dishonest COVID narrative.)

Moreover, the U.K. Health Security Agency‘s vaccine surveillance report indicated that 92 percent of all the pandemic-related deaths in England in March were among the vaccinated population.

Governments manipulated data to heighten COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Norman Fenton, Risk Information Management professor at Queen Mary University of London, criticized the governments around the world for manipulating the COVID-19 pandemic data when he guested on “The Defender Podcast.”

“It was clear from the start that most of the data that governments put out ­– not just the UK government, but most governments around the world ­– were kind of misleading because it was based on very easily manipulated statistics,” Fenton told the host Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Throughout the pandemic, Fenton closely examined and criticized how officials used data to make decisions about lockdowns, testing and vaccines.

He pointed out that there was an immediate rush to draw conclusions, which were sort of based on over-simplistic data on case numbers and deaths. The problem was that data were very easily used by influencers and decision-makers to fit particular narratives that exaggerated the scale of the crisis.

Fenton’s team published some of the first research providing more accurate estimates about the infection rate versus the fatality rate compared with official estimates that he said were based on faulty data. The research showed the virus was more widespread than people assumed, but nowhere near as dangerous as was being claimed.

Further in the show, he also addressed some concerns on the faulty polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

“We were initially led to believe that the PCR test was an accurate diagnostic test. But later, of course, we discovered that wasn’t true. And the impact of that has been catastrophic,” he said.

The use of PCR tests was also misguided since the tests are inherently fraudulent, and were never intended or designed to function as a diagnostic tool for  the disease.

Kennedy agreed, saying the magnitude of the pandemic was enormously and deceptively amplified by the misuse of the PCR test. He added that the information concerning deaths following vaccination also was manipulated as part of the official claim that the vaccine was the only way to keep people from becoming seriously ill and dying.

Data adjusted to take into account misclassification shows a peak in mortality shortly after vaccination. “Now, of course, it could well be that these are people who are indeed immunosuppressed seriously. Also, the vaccination might just be bringing forward the death, which would’ve occurred shortly afterward anyway,” Kennedy said.

Still, the fact remains that hundreds of thousands if not millions have died shortly after getting injected with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Visit Pandemic.news for the latest updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the video about England’s move to end COVID masks and passports.


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