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UN Inciting Youth Rent-a-mobs for Globalism

Written by William F. Jasper

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«If you think that it’s perfectly natural for un-coached pre-teens and teens to spout politically correct slogans about “sustainability,” “carbon sequestration,” “tipping points,” “existential crises,” “species extinction,” “climate deniers,” “scientific consensus,” and the like, then you probably also won’t have any trouble accepting that when the same ragamuffin chorus spews politically correct memes about “racial advantage hierarchy,” “proximity to white privilege,” “racial equity,” “implicit bias,” “racial reparations,” and “racial oppression” these too are spontaneous, organic, unrehearsed adolescent expressions. No reasonable person would accept that explanation, of course, especially since the evidence plainly shows that these “articulate” young “thought leaders” have been programed in this Orwellian Newspeak by the NYCDOE brainwashers. This institutionalized child abuse by ideological propagandists posing as “educators” is not limited to New York City; it is flourishing across the country and around the world, as testified by the parasympathetic Climate Strike demonstrations organized in dozens of cities throughout the planet. But the Big Apple does seem to pride itself in leading the pack.»

William F. Jasper («De Blasio & NYC Marxists: Weaponizing Kids With Race Theory, Gender Theory, Doomsday Environmentalism», in The New American, 29 October 2019).

«Italy will become the first country in the world to mandate that schools indoctrinate students in the climate-change agenda, Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti announced recently. Fioramonti, a member of the left-wing Five-Star Movement who wants schools to remove crucifixes from their classrooms, has no problem introducing what he admits is a “Trojan horse” that will “infiltrate” all school courses with the climate-change faith, according to the New York Times.

Fioramonti’s mandate, which he claims is permitted under a law passed last year, requires students to have 33 hours of climate-change and “environmental sustainability” instruction each school year beginning next September, reported the paper. “That 33-hour-a-year lesson, he said, will be used as a pilot program to ultimately fold the climate agenda of the United Nations into the entire curriculum.”

In other words, under the guise of studying math, science, or geography, students will be actually be inculcated with propaganda about the so-called climate emergency and the solutions to the alleged crisis — including population control, carbon taxes, and global wealth redistribution — offered by “experts” such as Jeffrey Sachs of the Harvard Institute for International Development and Kate Raworth of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, both of whom will be advising the ministry as it prepares its curriculum.

“The entire ministry is being changed to make sustainability and climate the center of the education model,” Fioramonti told Reuters. “I want to make the Italian education system the first education system that puts the environment and society at the core of everything we learn in school.”

Fioramonti described his vision for climate-change indoctrination to the Times:

For children age 6 to 11, he said, “we are thinking of using the fairy-tale model,” in which stories from different cultures would emphasize a connection to the environment. Middle schoolers would be expected to learn more technical information, and high school students would explore the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in depth.

The New American reported that the 2030 Agenda is a “practically undisguised roadmap to global socialism and corporatism/fascism,” so it comes as no surprise that a progressive such as Fioramonti would be an enthusiastic booster of it. “The 21st century citizen,” he told the Times, “must be a sustainable citizen.”

Indeed, Fioramonti is for very big government. He has pushed new taxes on airline tickets, plastic, sugary foods, gambling, and oil drilling. He also encouraged students to skip school to participate in September’s climate protests.»

Michael Tennant («Italy to Mandate "Climate Change" Instruction for All Students», in The New American, 07 November 2019).

«It is clear that the UN attendees are serious about exploiting the "climate emergency," whether the facts support them or not. Indeed, the anti-scientific extremism has gone so far overboard that there is now serious talk of using UN military forces to enforce global climate decrees on countries that refuse to comply. Greta and some of her older handlers even admitted recently that their vision for saving the “climate” will also require dismantling the free-market system, the “patriarchy,” and much more.»

Alex Newman («Skeptics Bring Science to UN; Democrats and Alarmists Ignore it», in The New American, 06 December 2019).

«From Gore to Greta: Blatant, Rampant Child Abuse 

Not the intention to cause distress? Au contraire; causing distress is precisely what the non-stop propaganda for a supposed, rapidly-approaching climate apocalypse is all about. The socialist doomsday apostles of anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming (AGW) are so intent on “completely transforming” the world that they have been more than willing to stoop to any means to terrorize children in order to turn them into fanatical, frightened foot soldiers in their green army.

It began in earnest with Earth Day 1970, but really went over the moon with Al Gore’s “documentary” travesty, An Inconvenient Truth, which hundreds of millions of kids in classrooms worldwide have been repeatedly force-fed. But Al Gore is “so yesterday,” and besides, his scandalous hypocrisy (gargantuan carbon footprint, global jet-setting, multiple mansions, lavish lifestyle, carbon credit investment scam, etc.) and ludicrous predictrions (see here, and here) have discredited him among even many of his erstwhile fans and allies. Time for a new star: thus the media propaganda saturation with the pigtailed Pippi Longstocking from Scandinavia.

Like a thundering Thor, the diminutive Thunberg has been hurling lightning bolts of invective at any and all who dare to ignore or resist her hectoring harangues to enact a Maoist-styled plan for global regimentation. Failure to follow her commands means mass extinction, death, the end of the world, she insists. Millions of traumatized children, youth, and snowflake adults are flocking to this media-manufactured superhero-guru-prophet-crusader.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, parents, grandparents, teachers, and children themselves have been complaining for years that the over-the-top AGW fright-peddling and brainwashing is psychologically damaging to children, causing nightmares, sleeplessness, depression, hysteria, “climate anxiety,” “eco-anxiety,” and “climate change delusion.” (See, for example, here, here, here, and here.)

We detailed the psychological damage being done and the subversive process being used by the United Nations, the establishment media, politicians, schools, and teacher unions in 2012, in our article titled, UN Summit: Transforming Your Kids into “Climate Change Agents.” This past August, we produced a series of reports from the United Nations “Civil Society Summit” in Salt Lake City, which was used as a recruitment jamboree and a launch pad to prep hundreds of “youth leaders” from around the world for protests at the UN’s Climate Action Summit of World Leaders in New York in September. (See here, here, and here.) We also reported on the carefully orchestrated Climate Strike at the New York summit, starring Greta Thunberg (and featuring collusion of the New York Times, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and the New York City school system), in UN Inciting Youth Rent-a-mobs for Globalism.»

William F. Jasper («"I Don't Want To Die" - Schools Are Traumatizing Kids With Greta's Climate Apocalypse», in The New American, 20 December 2019).

«USCAN is an affiliate of the Climate Action Network International (CANI), a worldwide network headquartered in Bonn, Germany. CANI was founded in 1989, one year after the U.N. Environment Program and the World Meteorological Organization were created by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

CANI is comprised of more than 900 climate-activist groups or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and is active in about 100 countries. At the end of 2015, USCAN was made up of 88 NGO groups.

(…) Following the Big-Green Money Trail 

From 2006 through 2014, USCAN has received 236 grants from 54 foundations. Together, the grants are worth more than $13.7 million.

Most donors are members of the Environmental Grantmakers Association, a planning and organizing cartel for environmental foundations. Leading the way in donations given to USCAN is the Sea Change Foundation, which gave $3.6 million by the end of 2014, and the Energy Foundation, which gave $2.5 million. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Family Fund gave a combined $1.1 million to USCAN.

The donations given directly to USCAN only describe a small part of its funding and influence. Combined, USCAN-affiliated NGOs had an income of roughly $1.4 billion at the end of the 2014 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax-filing deadline, according to research provided by Robert Brulle in Changing Climate Politics: U.S. Policies and Civic Action.

More than 20 groups joined USCAN in the run up to the Paris climate talks in 2015, so its influence, wealth, and power have grown since Brulle’s research was conducted.

USCAN directly controls over $1 million in assets, according to 2014 IRS reporting data, and it had an income topping $2.1 million in 2014.

USCAN and CANI should be monitored closely by those concerned about the transparency and substance of global climate agreements, especially since they have enjoyed unique access to some of the world’s powerful politicians.»

Ron Arnold («The Climate Action Network: Funding Climate Alarmist Stunts Around The World», in The Heartland Institute, October 17, 2016).

UN Inciting Youth Rent-a-mobs for Globalism 

How does one go about organizing a worldwide protest involving millions of grade-school, high-school, and college students in hundreds of cities on the same day, such as, say, the recent Global Climate Strike that coincided with the United Nations Youth Climate Summit on September 20? While the central stage for this mass spectacle was New York City, parasympathetic events miraculously materialized in London, Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok, Bogota, Budapest, Bucharest, San Salvador, Belgrade, Zagreb, and virtually every other major city.

Anyone who has ever organized a kindergarten birthday party, a church bingo, or a high-school homecoming football game can appreciate the fact that global events such as these mammoth UN-generated climate extravaganzas do not come together without massive preparation, organization, coordination, promotion — and funding. The global spectacles surrounding this latest campaign to stampede the world into empowering the United Nations as the planetary environmental regulator and policeman are prime examples of stage-managed AstroTurf events made to appear to be spontaneous, grassroots efforts. We are witnessing a huge “Civil Society” charade in which over 5,000 nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) — most of which are unapologetically “progressive” and reliably support an ever-expanding role for the UN — claim to be “stakeholders” who speak for all humanity.

This reporter recently attended the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 26-28, 2019. The organizers of that affair had taken particular care to bring together over 1,000 pre-selected “youth leaders” from around the globe to help orchestrate the chorus of young people demanding that politicians “do something!” to stop the global-warming doomsday, or, they say, we all will face “extinction.” Although the Civil Society Conference dealt with a broad array of issues detailed in the UN’s Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN poohbahs running the show repeatedly stressed the importance of attending the Youth Climate Summit in New York and organizing similar protests across the planet.

Here’s how the “Civil Society” process works:

1. The organized globalists at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and related organizations, together with the UN hierarchy, select a crisis du jour (global warming, poverty, refugees, etc.) that will justify calls to empower the UN for “collective action”;

2. Nongovernmental organizations organized and funded by tax-exempt foundations, globalist corporations, and government agencies clamor for enacting UN-proposed “solutions”;

3. The UN’s NGO army recruits and trains thousands of young people to be the “youth leaders” for building the impression of widespread global support;

4. Youth conferences with fully funded airfare, living accommodations, meal stipends, etc. are provided to the new youth activists to hone their organizing and media communication skills;

5. The Fake News Media and the “progressive” educational establishment saturate our children and youth with nonstop propaganda aimed at terrorizing them about alleged “existential crises”; and

6. The same “mainstream” media provide an outlet for the fear they have generated by providing heroes and heroic action for the terrified youngsters to emulate (in this case, Swedish schoolgirl sensation Greta Thunberg and her Climate Strike);

To ensure success, “progressive” politicians and their educrat allies declared support for the Climate Strike, releasing millions of kids from classroom drudgery to join the excitement of mob action, in the name of high moral purpose. New York City’s public-school system, the largest in the nation (1.1 million students) encouraged students to skip school to attend the Climate Strike. (It’s not too hard to inflate your crowd size when you have that type of political leverage!) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio likewise signaled his support for the strike, saying, “New York City stands with our young people. They’re our conscience.”

UN-Civil Action 

Many of the tens of thousands of student protesters attending the Global Climate Strike in New York City on Friday, September 20 held a poster depicting a flaming planet Earth, along with the caption, “Our House Is On Fire!” Another apocalyptic banner popular with the protesters sported a similar blazing globe image with the slogan, “There Is No Planet B.” In times past, the banners carried a slightly milder message — “The Planet has a Temperature” — with a cartoon image of a sick planet with a thermometer in its mouth. But we’re past that now; if we want to kick the panic level up into hysteria range, we have to talk real end-of-the-world, scream-your-lungs-out, terrifying, immediate, existential threat. And not just once; we must repeat it over and over and over again.

Did we mention “terrifying”? Yes, that’s the word of the day. In fact, just so we get the point, the New York Times is not above repeatedly bludgeoning us with the word. With the headline “This Is Our Terrifying World,” the Times ramped up the fright factor in a report on the Climate Strike in New York and around the planet. The two-page article, heavily illustrated with photos, tells us, “Around the globe, young people are demanding action on climate change in a day of protest. Meet eight of the local leaders.”

“It’s like the door is slamming and we’re trying to run in through that door right before it slams shut,” said hyper-anxious 17-year-old Jamie Margolin at the New York protest. She is identified as the founder of the climate-alarmist group This Is Zero Hour.

At London’s massive Climate Strike, the Times found Elijah McKenzie-Jackson, age 15, to voice what is, supposedly, the dire, heartfelt message of “Generation Z.” “I would like politicians and policymakers to actually hear students on the street who are terrified. Our planet is dying and I want them to find a solution. I want to go net zero by 2030,” McKenzie-Jackson is quoted as saying.

“When he went to his first climate strike in February, Elijah was not sure it was his place to ‘stand up and speak,’” the Times reported. “He was only 15, after all. He should be worrying about exams. But then he met a child younger than him, and watched her burst into tears because she was afraid she would not have anywhere to live when she grew up.”

“It’s so out of this world that children are so terrified of literally being on this planet, being able to survive,” the youngster told the Times. “I thought enough is enough. It’s time to do something now.”

“I am terrified for the future,” Elijah said. “I feel like if I think about it too long, I won’t be able to do what I do.”

Yes, unfortunately, many children are indeed “so terrified” of global warming. But should they be? And whose fault is it that they are petrified and have no hope for the future? Is it not mass child abuse to terrorize generations of children to serve a political agenda? Especially if the “crisis” used to terrorize them is a delusion, a cruel hoax? As we have reported here extensively, that is precisely what the real science — not the fake UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — shows the “climate crisis” to be: nothing to be frightened silly about, nothing more than the natural variability of “climate change” as it has existed throughout the history of our planet. The science shows that human (anthropogenic) sources contribute relatively little measurable impact on the planet’s global temperature, as compared to natural causes.

However, according to Newsweek and other voices in the media chorus, any divergence from global-warming dogma must be treated as a dangerous threat to the planet and our children.

Among its lead-up stories to the Youth Climate Summit, Newsweek featured an op-ed entitled “The Gloves Are Off: Predatory Climate Deniers Are a Threat to Our Children,” by Tim Flannery, a “professorial fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia.”

“In this age of rapidly melting glaciers, terrifying megafires and ever more puissant hurricanes, of acidifying and rising oceans, it is hard to believe that any further prod to climate action is needed,” opines Professor Flannery. But, he warns, “the climate crisis has now grown so severe that the actions of the denialists have turned predatory: They are now an immediate threat to our children.”

So much for diversity, civility, and tolerance! If one dares question climate-doom dogma, one is a “denialist,” a favorite epithet employed by the climate extremists to vilify and dehumanize their opposition, equating them with neo-Nazi “Holocaust deniers.” The demonization is intentional, signifying that “climate deniers” are beyond the pale, deserving of whatever punitive action the climate extremists decide to mete out.

“As I have become ever more furious at the polluters and denialists, I have come to understand they are threatening my children’s well-being as much as anyone who might seek to harm a child,” the professor continues, suggesting that climate realists be considered as dangerous as pedophiles. “Young people themselves are now mobilizing against the danger. Increasingly they’re giving up on words, and resorting to actions.” He applauds the “enormous impact” of criminal actions, such as practiced by Extinction Rebellion, which, he notes, “shut down six critical locations in London, overwhelmed the police and justice system with 1,000 arrests, and forced the British government to become the first nation ever to declare a climate emergency.”

“Should we continue to use words to try to win the debate?” Flannery asks, “Or should we become climate rebels?” The professor is being cagey here, apparently attempting to shield himself from the consequences of openly promoting felonious “direct action” (with all its interpretations) instead of just “words.” “Changing the language around climate denialism will, I hope, sharpen our focus as we ponder what comes next,” he says.

In addition, Newsweek treated its readers to the rantings of teen climate “experts” Nyiesha Mallet and Asli Mwaafrika, who penned a Marxoid op-ed entitled “For Lasting Climate Change Solutions, It’s Time to Listen to Young People of Color.” The two young female activists, identified as “climate justice youth leaders,” demonstrated that they are quickly mastering the politically correct rhetoric of identity politics and perpetual grievance by their “woke” condemnations of “environmental racism,” “colonialism,” and the “burden of polluting infrastructure [that] falls on communities of color.”

The duo tells readers, “Together, at the Climate Justice Youth Summit, we will work to operationalize our Just Transition principles.” Neither they nor Newsweek bother to inform readers that the Climate Justice Youth Summit is a contrivance of the Climate Justice Alliance and other extreme-left groups that include, for instance, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS, a notoriously pro-communist, pro-Castro, pro-Moscow outfit since the 1960s), The Ruckus Society (anarchist, enviro-extremist), and the Democratic Socialists of America. The Climate Justice Alliance homepage features a large photo spread across the page showing Alliance leaders posing with the Democratic Socialists’ Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her congressional office, beneath the headline, “CJA and the Green New Deal: Centering Frontline Communities in the Just Transition.”

Enacting Ocasio-Cortez’s multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal is a big part of the Climate Justice Alliance’s agenda, which would indeed bring about a transition to socialism. But there are plenty of reasons to dispute the notion that such a transition would have anything remotely to do with justice.

Nonstop Youth Summits

The Climate Justice Youth Summit to which Mallet and Mwaafrika made reference (held in New York September 20-21) was but one of the many conferences and summits around the planet through which the globalists and leftists recruit, groom, indoctrinate and activate “youth thought leaders.” In addition to the UN’s Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City mentioned above, a large variety of youth summits — or official UN conferences with hefty youth contingents — has already taken place, or will be taking place, this year. These include the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum in New York City (April 9-10); the Global Peace Summit Kurdistan 2019 (October 9-10); the One Young World Youth Summit 2019 in London (October 22-25); the Young African Leaders Summit 2019 in Ghana (November 22-23); and the World Youth Forum 2019 in Egypt (December 14-17).

Commercial websites such as youthop.com, entorm.com, afterschoolafrica.com, and the UN’s own Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD) website provide irresistible allurements to young people salivating to travel to exotic locales, have fun, and feel important — all expenses paid. Many of the postings note that the conference scholarships are “fully funded,” with roundtrip airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals all covered. What high-school or college student wouldn’t jump at such an opportunity?

The UN and its allies view the world’s youth as a critically important component of their global civil society mobs. To this end, on September 24, 2018, the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth issued Youth2030: The United Nations Strategy on Youth. This builds on the World Programme of Action for Youth adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1995.

At the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the youth activists, like the other “civil society” NGO representatives, carried out their roles of providing “pressure from below” on the outskirts of the official UN proceedings. However, by the time that the 1998 Rome conference on establishing an International Criminal Court rolled around, the UN managers realized they could create more of a pressure-cooker effect on the diplomats and politicians by bringing the “civil society” mobs, including the youth, into the official proceedings. Since then the NGO cadres and their young protégés have become standard features at UN affairs, both inside and outside of the official summits. At this year’s Climate Summit of World Leaders on September 23 at the UN headquarters in New York, Greta Thunberg and young climate activists from Kenya, Fiji, and Argentina took center stage in the UN General Assembly, alongside UN Secretary-General António Guterres (the former president of the Socialist International).

The purpose of all this choreographed theater, of course, is to create the appearance of overwhelmingly popular support. Even the establishment press acknowledges this. Reporting on the student Climate Strike, NBC said: “The walkouts, which organizers say will take place in over 150 countries, seek to put pressure on world leaders ahead of the U.N. Climate Action Summit, which is set to begin Monday…. Thunberg and other teen activists have been planning Friday’s [September 21] strikes for months, hoping to exert maximum pressure on leaders attending the United Nations summit.”

However, the “pressure from below” provided by Thunberg and her young comrades would have little effect, if not for the “pressure from above” provided by the UN, the media, and the governments, corporations, universities, and foundations that are funding and directing the “civil society” youth army. (in The New American, 24 October 2019).

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