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Renowned COVID Doctor: Poisonous Vaccine Jabs “an Agonizing Situation”

Written by Selwyn Duke 

Warnings about COVID-19 vaccines are generally labeled “misinformation” by the Biden administration, are censored by Big Tech, and, in certain cases, can seem a bit fanciful. Anyone, after all, can make a claim. But when the warning is sounded by renowned coronavirus doctor Peter McCullough — and when he says the vaccines’ “mechanism of action is clearly poisonous” — it’s perhaps true cause for alarm.

More striking still, the physician says that the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine endeavor is “going to go down as the most dangerous biologic medicinal product roll-outs in human history.”

Dr. McCullough has quite the résumé. Among other things, he’s the vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC), chief of cardiovascular research of the Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute, and program director of the cardiovascular disease fellowship program at BUMC. He has also written 46 peer-reviewed publications on the China virus, is considered a foremost expert on the topic, and has testified before numerous governmental bodies on COVID-19 policy.

In May, McCullough stated that COVID-19 has always been treatable and that the medical establishment’s failure to create an official treatment protocol was a disgrace that cost thousands of lives. Now, on a recent edition of a program called the Stew Peters Show, McCullough said that the coronavirus vaccine is claiming even more lives and that “at this point in time, I really can’t recommend it to anybody.”

McCullough explained that he initially was a vaccine advocate, but then he witnessed its fruits. “Through December, January, February, probably 70 percent of my patients here at Baylor in Dallas received the COVID-19 vaccine,” he explained. “Looking backwards now, on January 22, we had actually already had 186 deaths that had occurred after the vaccine. The threshold of concern is about 150 or so. In general, we get about 150 [deaths] for all … vaccines combined, 500 million shots per year, across 70 vaccines. But for a single vaccine…”

“I think if we had had a data and safety monitoring board, they would have shut down the vaccine in February of 2021,” he continued.

Doctors in his circles were concerned, he later added, “because patients were immediately dying after the vaccine at the vaccine centers or then shortly thereafter.”

Providing more details, McCullough also stated that “50 percent of the deaths occur between 48 hours of the injection, and 80 percent of the deaths occur within a week” — and “86 percent of the deaths have no other explanation” (see video here).

The doctor went on to say that the idea that people will be coerced into taking a vaccine, which for them could be fatal, “is an agonizing situation.”

“I’ve never seen it in my career,” he lamented.

It seems as if the vaccine-related problems involve four areas: the brain, the heart, the immune system, and the hematologic system.

In fact, McCullough says that there’s now an official FDA warning regarding cardiac myocarditis (heart inflammation), that he’s seen such cases in his clinic and that “they’re frightening.” “The CDC has now certified 2,000 of these cases,” he continued.

See here

The physician also spoke of neurologic symptoms, mentioning a patient he had in his practice for 10 years and who was “perfectly normal”; a month after taking the vaccine, however, she developed “cerebellar syndrome,” which he said is “horrific.”

McCullough addressed other vaccine-related problems (watch the video above or access a mostly complete transcript here), talking about “spike protein” and the mechanism by which he believes the vaccines cause problems. Some of this is a bit technical, but toward the interview’s conclusion he summed matters up in an understandable and compelling way. He said of the vaccines:

The mechanism of action is clearly poisonous, and then we know that the generation of the spike protein, itself, it damages local tissues; it’s not natural for a human cell to produce this foreign spike protein. We’ve never asked the human body to produce a foreign protein, ever. This is so radically new, to do this and to do it on a mass scale and to, let alone express on the cell surface and have the body start to attack its own cells and then, let it circulate in the bloodstream, where we know it damages blood cells and causes blood clotting.

So the mechanism of action in the human body is so alarmingly dangerous, if you were to draw this up on a chalkboard two years ago and say, “You know, we’re gonna’ do this, we’re gonna’ give it a whirl,” I don’t think we could even get a human volunteer to sign up for this. I don’t think I would ever bring it forward as a product idea, even on the drawing board.”

(Hat tip for the McCullough interview transcript: Forbidden Knowledge TV.)

Expressing what’s just common sense, McCullough had also said that “under no circumstances” should a China virus vaccine be given to a child; he then stated, again, that “at this point in time, I really can’t recommend it to anybody.” Moreover, when asked by host Peters if there was any way to reverse the vaccines’ effects on the body, the physician replied, “We don’t think so.”

McCullough points out that the probable risks of taking the vaccines certainly outweigh the benefits, especially since you now have only a one-percent chance of encountering the China virus in the first place and that it has always been treatable.

As to the latter point, the doctor had explained on an early May episode of Tucker Carlson Today that treating COVID is a three-step process: You limit the viral replication early, treat immune system “dis-regulation” (the disease induces immune-system disruption), and then manage the blood clotting. In this way, people can be brought through the illness.

Note, too, as I often point out, the CDC’s own October data indicated that people who contract the virus have more than a 99.5-percent survival rate, with those 0 to 19 years old having a 99.997-percent rate and individuals 20 to 49 coming in at 99.98 percent.

This is a good thing, too. For as a headline in the liberal Atlantic wisely stated last February, “You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus.” In fact, theorized an expert the magazine quoted, “cold and flu season” could become “cold and flu and COVID-19 season.” WebMD opined likewise later that year.

Add to this that viruses mutate, thereby reducing a given vaccine’s efficacy, and the conclusion is obvious:

We can either resign ourselves to repeatedly taking COVID shots to counter the mutations, hoping they’re effective and that they don’t destroy our health.

See here and here

Or we can cease the scientific obscurantism. This means stop the destructive masking, vaccine, and lockdown obsessions — abandon the COVID Ritual — and go on with life. The China virus is treatable, after all.

What’s truly scary, though, is that man’s irrationality and stupidity apparently aren’t. (in The New American, Digital Edition, July 22, 2021). 

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