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How the Violent Hard-Left "Antifa" Movement Copies Communists in Weimar Republic Germany

Escrito por Jerome R. Corsi

«WASHINGTON, D.C. – Dinesh D’Souza’s most recent book, The Big Lie, Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left is truly an extension of his previous book published during the 2016 election campaign, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. 

In Hillary’s America, D’Souza successfully undertook the challenge of establishing the Democratic Party was truly the party of racial division, tracing the history of the Democratic Party through its support for slavery in the South during the Civil War, its support for racial segregation through the walkout of the Dixicrats led by Strom Thurman from the Democratic National Convention of G1948, through the Democrats opposition to civil rights legislation first proposed by President Eisenhower and the Republicans in Congress in the 1950s.

Now, in The Big Lie, D’Souza sets out to prove the hard-left of Saul Alinsky socialists, from which both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama derive, trace back to the National Socialist movement on the left in Weimar Republic Germany of the 1930s that gave rise to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis.

Once again, D’Souza succeeds, proving now that the Democratic Party is the ideological descendant not only of slavery, the Reconstruction Era, and racial segregation, but also of fascism, understood properly as a movement on the political left.

In achieving this feat, D’Souza joins Jacob Goldberg’s 2008 classic, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, in establishing correctly that fascism arose not as a right-wing movement in the 1930s, but as a leftist ideology that sought to compete on the left with communism.

Where both fascism and communism are leftist cousins, as Goldberg and D’Souza correctly argue, the Nazis embraced the idea government should control international global business conglomerates in the production of their social welfare utopia, while the communists rejected all private property, arguing the means of business should be collectively owned, managed, and operated.

Thus, while the mainstream media portrays the Soros-funded Antifa disrupters as “heroic resisters trying to block the rise of Nazism in America,” D’Souza points out that George Soros funds Antifa precisely because the Antifa movement is an anarchist Brownshirt-like violent hard-left group the Nazis in the 1930 would have understood to be one of their own.

Still, D’Souza acknowledges the mainstream media in the United States is uncritical of the Democratic Party’s insistence that Antifa anarchists view themselves with waging an anti-fascist struggle, with the standard Antifa radicals’ depiction of President Trump is to portray him with a Hitler mustache.

D’Souza identifies the “big lie” as the decision after World War II to portray Mussolini and Hitler as “right-wingers” and the people who supposedly brought them to power as “conservatives” – a reversal of the truth that allowed the political left in post-World War II America to portray themselves as “the glorious resisters of fascism and Nazism.”

D’Souza warns that we are experiencing “a fascist coup” in the Democratic Party’s refusal to accept the legitimacy of the Trump presidency.

“By a fascist coup I mean the exertion of power by the unelected arms of the Left - mainly the media Left - to overturn the outcome and the mandate of a free election,” D’Souza writes.

“If the coup succeeds, America will effectively cease to be a democracy,” he warns.

“The fascists - dressed in anti-fascist garb - will have proved that they are fully capable of canceling the will of the electorate,” D’Souza explains. “In a sense, there will be no point in even holding elections anymore because the Left would have established veto power over the results.”

D’Souza points out he wrote The Big Lie in order to unmask the hypocrisy of the political left and the Democratic Party in the United States today. “The Left’s efforts to oust Trump by any means necessary should be recognized for what it is: an attempted fascist coup,” he warns.

D’Souza calls for an aggressive conservative agenda that he sees as necessary if we are to turn back the attempted fascist coup against Trump – an agenda that involves both appointing more conservatives/libertarians to the federal courts and building conservative/libertarian universities to counter the left’s takeover of academic institutions across the nation.

In the end, D’Souza makes an appeal for a Trump Justice Department to have the moral courage to investigate and prosecute the Democrats for their abuse of power and repeated violations of law.

“While leftists will scream political vendetta - the only vendettas they want to see are from their own side - in reality we’re doing nothing more than holding Obama, Holder, Lynch, Hillary, and Lerner accountable for their actions,” he advises.

“In sum, to crush the fascism of the Left, we don’t need to fight lawlessness with lawlessness,” D’Souza concludes. Rather, we can fight lawlessness with lawfulness. But we have to be firm about it, recognizing the kind of people we’re dealing with.”

D’Souza is confident we are up to the task.

“Are we conservatives and Republicans up for the task ahead?” he asks. “Yes, I believe so. Look at our history. We’re the party that fought a great war to end slavery, fought lynching and segregation, shut down the Ku Klux Klan, opposed eugenics and forced sterilization, and resisted the incipient fascism of the street thugs in the 1960s.”

He ends by noting that Republicans and conservatives have for a century and a half, combated the fascism of the political left.

“We’ve won before, and we can win again,” D’Souza insists. “We have the power now to stop them. We just have to do it. In the words of that slogan from the 1960s, ‘If not now, when? If not us, who?’” ».


«On the evening of August 14, a mob of vandals spilling over from a rally organized by several communist, socialist, and anarcho-syndicalist groups toppled a bronze statue of a Confederate soldier that had stood in front of a county administrative building in Durham, North Carolina, since 1924.

Derrick Lewis, a reporter from the local NBC affiliate WNCN, posted a video to Twitter showing the statue crashing to the ground. WNCN reported that one man quickly ran up and spat on the statue and several others began kicking it.

A report written by freelance journalist M.L. Nestel noted that just prior to the vandals’ destruction of the statue, protesters surrounded its base. Video circulating online captured the anger of the protesters, many shouting in chorus: “We, we are the revolution!” followed by “You can’t stop the revolution.”

Some demonstrators held up handwritten signs written on cardboard that read “Stop Calling the Cops,” “Fight your Local Nazis,” and a particularly vulgar sign reading: “F--- yo statue” as they closed in on the statue.

The protesters’ reference to “the revolution” makes perfect sense when one considers the affiliations of those participating. Durham’s Herald-Sun reported that groups at the “rally” included members of the Triangle People’s Assembly, Workers World Party, Industrial Workers of the World, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Antifa movement.

“Antifa,” or “anti-fascists,” are considered to be a far-left group. However, some of the other groups involved are even more hardcore left.

The Workers World Party is a communist party founded in 1959 by Sam Marcy, whose followers split off from the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). In an editorial in the third issue of the party’s publication, International Workers Day, the group proclaimed, “We are THE Trotskyists. We stand 100% with all the principled positions of Leon Trotsky, the most revolutionary communist since Lenin.” The WWP defended the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 and has maintained a position of support for the communist government of North Korea.

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), members of which are commonly termed “Wobblies,” is an international labor union of anarcho-syndicalists (anarchists who want to use labor unions to topple the capitalist system) that was founded in 1905 in Chicago at a convention of 200 socialist, anarchists, Marxists, and radical trade unionists from all over the United States. One of the IWW’s first leaders was Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, who joined the Communist Party USA in 1926 and in 1961 became its chairwoman.

Ver aqui

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) organization was a member of the Socialist International from its founding in 1982 until just this month. The DSA has its roots in the Socialist Party of America (SPA), whose most prominent leaders included Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas, and Michael Harrington. Harrington was chairman of the League for Industrial Democracy (1964) and a member of the National Executive Board of the Socialist Party of America (1960–68).

While the above summary of groups that participated in the destruction of the Confederate statue in Durham must, by necessity, be brief, it serves to illustrate that this was no spontaneous demonstration that erupted from a few disenchanted protesters, but was obviously an event organized by veteran hardcore leftists.

The coverage of the events by the Herald-Sun noted that the August 14 rally, “which was the second in Durham in two days, began around 6 p.m. as more than 50 people gathered in front of the new county administration building chanting, sharing their experiences in Charlottesville, Virginia, and demanding that people fight racism in their communities and across the South.”

Obviously, if these protesters in Durham had experiences in Charlottesville, Virginia, to share, they were not local residents, but part of a traveling road show of professional agitators, as is usually the case when leftists get involved in such incidents.

In fact, the Herald-Sun spoke to Alissa Ellis, of the Workers World Party Durham branch, who said, “We need to shun passive, white liberalism” that elevates whites voices over black and brown voices.

The Herald-Sun quoted Eva Panjwani with the Workers World Party Durham as saying, "Tactics are changing, which means that our strategies need to change, our unity needs to escalate and our demands to fight back and resist domestic terror needs to escalate.”

The newspaper reported that as the crowd swelled to more than 100 people, the protesters circled the statue of the soldier holding a muzzle-loading rifle and chanted “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

An obvious question might be, if the Herald-Sun was able to identify the groups at the rally, and all it takes is a simple Wikipedia search to identify some of these groups as hardcore communist, socialist, or leftist, why were the police apparently caught off guard? Why did they not stop them from toppling the statue? The groups simply did what Leftists always do — foment violence and destruction.

In fact, law enforcement officers were on the scene. The Durham Police Department posted a statement online explaining that its “officers monitored the protests that occurred in the city tonight to ensure the protests were conducted in a safe manner and that no infractions occurred within city jurisdiction.”

The statement also said: “The DPD is aware that a Confederate monument was toppled at the old Durham County courthouse. Because this incident occurred on county property, where county law enforcement officials were staffed, no arrests were made by DPD officers.”

“The Durham County Sheriff’s Office is the agency that has jurisdiction over all county buildings and landmarks. When monitoring such incidents the Sheriff’s Office is the decision-making agency regarding law enforcement response on matters concerning county property.”

One wonders if the police would have responded to an incident on county property involving another form of vandalism, such as throwing rocks through the courthouse window.

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews also posted an online statement that said, in part:

Before the protest, my staff met with our community partners to discuss how to safely and appropriately respond to the protest. County leaders were aware of the risk of damage to the Confederate statute, as well as, the potential risk of injury to the public and officers should deputies attempt to control the crowd. Collectively, we decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority. As the Sheriff, I am not blind to the offensive conduct of some demonstrators nor will I ignore their criminal conduct. With the help of video captured at the scene, my investigators are working to identify those responsible for the removal and vandalism of the statue.

We left a voicemail with the senior public information officer at the sheriff’s department, asking if there was some way the sheriff’s deputies could have prevented the destruction of the statue. We asked if it was fear of escalating the conflict that was responsible for their inaction, or if there was some other explanation. At the time of this writing, we had not received a reply».

Warren Mass («Communists, Socialists Pull Down Confederate Statue in North Carolina», in The New American, 15 August 2017).

«Are the “Antifa” rioters America’s new idealistic heroes? The New York Times, NBC, CNN, Yahoo! News, and other organs of the establishment media, clearly, would have us believe so. However, the media puff pieces that romanticize the violent Antifa (short for antifascist or Anti-Fascist Action) mobs are covering up the fact that these groups are being led and trained by violent communist revolutionary groups such as the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), Workers World Party (WWP), and By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). These organizations are notorious for exploiting wedge issue charges — such as racism, police brutality, global warming, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia — to promote their broader, more radical, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, pro-communist agenda. They are training the Antifa cadres to be America’s new Red Guards, the legions of young fanatics unleashed by Mao Tse-tung to cow China into total subjection to the Communist Party by mass indoctrination, terror, torture, and murder. This is not mere polemics on the part of this writer; leaders of the Revolutionary Communist Party, for instance, one of the primary Antifa sponsors, openly and ardently idolize Mao Tse-tung and his Red Guards and sing praises to the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Over the past year, Antifa gangs have materialized to lead violent confrontations and riots on college campuses and in city streets across America. The black-clad, mask-wearing communists/anarchists dogged candidate Donald Trump throughout his campaign and infamously disrupted his inauguration by blocking streets, smashing windows, starting fires, and physically attacking inaugural attendees. Now, their clashes with the neo-Nazis at the deadly protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 have catapulted them to new stardom. Radical Professor Cornel West, the “Ivy League Al Sharpton,” has claimed that the Antifa hoodlums are “courageous students” who “saved” him and a group of leftist clergy members from being “crushed like cockroaches” by the violent racists.

Appearing on Amy Goodman’s ultra-left Democracy Now! program on August 14, Professor West told Goodman’s global audience that “those 20 of us who were standing, many of them clergy, we would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the anti-fascists who approached, over 300, 350 anti-fascists.” “The anti-fascists … the anarchists … they saved our lives, actually,” West claimed.

Similarly, Reverend Seth Wispelwey, a United Church of Christ minister who accompanied West, told ThinkProgress, the Soros-funded vehicle of Clinton strategist John Podesta, that in the darkest moment, when they were surrounded by violent neo-Nazis, “That’s when Antifa saved our lives.” As might be expected, these and similar testimonials by leftist participants in the Charlottesville counterdemonstration elicit "Thank the Lord for Antifa" expressions throughout the liberal-left media.

Ver aqui

Cornel West, the perpetual protester, is regularly given generous free national publicity on radio, TV, and in print. As we have reported many times in the past, Professor West, who has enjoyed honored posts at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Paris, and other left-leaning universities, is the most famous “public intellectual” fronting for the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), the hardcore Maoists that have been fomenting riots and violent confrontations for decades. RCP founder Robert Avakian, a former comrade of Bill Ayers in the violent Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), is an ardent disciple of Mao Tse-tung, and his RCP glorifies Communist China’s Cultural Revolution and Mao’s mass-murdering thugs, the Red Guards. Many of the most violent Antifa incidents have featured masked Antifa demonstrators and their supporters (such as Professor West) marching behind banners and holding signs printed by the RCP and emblazoned with the RCP website, www.revcom.us. As we reported last April, an Associated Press article on the Berkeley riots featured a prominent photo of marchers carrying a large banner with the message “In the Name of Humanity We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America, www.revcom.us” The AP story merely refers to the marchers as “antifascist,” not mentioning anything about the RCP and other communist elements playing dominant roles in the conflagration. Most Americans, it is probably safe to say, are not familiar with the RCP, so it would seem to be responsible journalism to provide them with the basic facts about the RCP’s participation in the event, as well as to give some appropriate background on the group and its main leaders. 

However, the same journalists who go to extraordinary lengths to discover some tenuous (or non-existent) “link” between a conservative politician and some group with real or imagined ties to racist, neo-Nazi, white nationalist, or “extremist” individuals or organizations, never feel obligated to exercise even a modicum of the same scrutiny as it pertains to screamingly obvious ties of prominent leftists to genuine extremism. Professor West and his ilk are rarely, if ever, inconvenienced with having to defend or square their affiliations with, or support for, terrorists and mass-murdering communist regimes.

Combined with the ugly images of chanting neo-Nazis and the horrific video footage of a car ramming into a crowd of counter-protesters, statements from participants such as West and Wispelwey have provided the fodder for propagandists to transform Antifa activists into the social justice warrior equivalents of Captain America, which they most certainly are not. If anything, they are much closer to the Nazi Browshirts and the fascist Blackshirts they claim to despise. And they are rapidly being transformed into the loathesome Red Guards that trampled all human life, all human rights, and all human decency into the blood, dust, and fury of Chairman Mao’s "glorious" Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

For those journalists that fear to use the “c” word (communist) out of dread of being accused of McCarthyism (oh, the horror!) the Antifa Maoists and their comrades of various Marxist-Leninist shades have made it easy. Among the many forthright admissions by the more brazen activists who eschew hiding their true identitites is this recent tweet from BostonAntifa: “Let's get one thing clear. Antifa is an Anarcho-Communist cause. Those on the left who call us ‘patriots’, step the F**K away. #BostonResist."

In the weeks since the bloody Charlottesville attack, the media deception has continued, with Antifa violence romanticized and its communist agenda concealed, while all those who oppose them are smeared as racists, fascists, and white supremacists».

William F. Jasper («Liberal Media: Cheerleaders for "Antifa" Communist Thugs», in The New American, 29 August 2017).

«Nationalization of the police is a longtime goal of the Left, and the targeting of local police by a violent Antifa group supports that goal.

Since President Donald Trump responded to the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, by condemning “hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides,” it has become clear that the left-leaning media is going to cast the violent leftist Antifa movement as simply engaged in “resistance” to racist “hate groups,” such as the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. Then all persons opposed to the Marxist agenda of Antifa are falsely portrayed as the same as those two groups.

Ver aqui

Ver aqui

Ver aqui e aqui

Ver aqui

The reality is that Nazi is short for “National Socialist,” the political party of Adolf Hitler — a party of the Left in Germany that favored social welfare programs and heavy-handed government control of the economy and the culture. This clash between Antifa and the neo-Nazis, then, is really an intramural battle among ideological soulmates, and has nothing to do with constitutionalists, other than the use of the Klan and the neo-Nazis to smear Americans who believe in traditional American principles such as liberty and limited government.

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), an Antifa group, is organizing in Philadelphia. Its target is the police, as evidenced by their production of workshops such as “Our Enemies in Blue" and "Introduction to Anarchism." RAM cites a “rich revolutionary tradition” in Philadelphia, offering examples such as Russell Shoats, who put five bullets into the back of a Philadelphia policeman in 1970. Another “hero” of RAM is Mumia Abu Jamal, a Black Panther who killed Daniel Faulkner, also a Philadelphia police officer, in 1981.

Writing in National Review, Ben Shapiro blamed former President Obama, at least partly, for this explosion of anti-police propaganda. He wrote that rather than use his office to “tamp down leftist racial radicalism,” Obama “made excuses for riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. He used the shooting of Dallas police officers by a radical black activist as an opportunity to lecture Americans about the evils of racist policing.”

And who can forget Obama’s comment in 2009 that the Cambridge, Massachusetts, police “acted stupidly” in arresting a prominent Harvard professor after a confrontation at the man's home?

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who is black, was particularly critical of the BLM movement, and of Obama, charging that the president himself had “started this war on police” with his inflammatory rhetoric.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) staged a march in Minnesota in 2015, that included the chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” Despite this and similar incidents, Obama has defended BLM, even backing up assertions by Alica Garza, a BLM founder, who said blacks are “uniquely, systematically, and savagely targeted by the state.”

Marxist groups such as RAM target the police largely because they are seen as the protectors of private property. Karl Marx summed up communism as the abolition of private property. On their own website, RAM members proudly call themselves “revolutionary anarchists,” arguing that the “abolitionist struggle must be extended to the state and capitalism, the perpetrators of oppression. The revolutionary movement in the U.S. today is at a crossroads, as fascist movements are expanding, and the state becomes increasingly authoritarian.”

This “war” against the police is not new. James Fitzgerald, a former police detective in Newark, New Jersey, conducted a national “Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent!” speaking tour for The John Birch Society in 2016, and addressed this very issue.

Fitzgerald told his audience in Oklahoma City last May that the roots of the violence against police are decades old, and have continued to the present. He said that the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. Senate had compiled a report in 1960 entitled “Communist Plot Against Free World Police.” The report concluded that communists were working to sully the reputation of the nation’s police forces.

A few years after the report was published, Sargent Shriver, a brother-in-law of President John Kennedy, became the director of the Peace Corps for President Lyndon Johnson. From that position, Shriver funnelled money to “community organizers” [remember Obama’s former role as a “community organizer” in Chicago] in Newark, New Jersey, who were working to radicalize young black Americans. Shriver was cautioned that these groups were led by ideological communists, who had posters of communists such as Mao, Lenin, and Che Guevera gracing the walls of their headquarters. He dismissed the concerns, but the agitation against the police continued until the infamous Newark riots occurred.

For those who are supposedly concerned about “Nazis” in America, they should note that the nationalization of the police was effected by the chief Nazi, Adolf Hitler, with his Gestapo. Fitzgerald noted in his talk that the Obama Justice Department was using something called the Police Data Initiative to achieve “federalization of the local police.”

The mainstream media obscures the Marxist and violent nature of Antifa-related groups. As confrontations between ideological cousins, the Marxist Antifa and the “neo-Nazis” escalate, the police will no doubt be portrayed as either overly brutal to supposedly peaceful leftist protesters or unable to control the violence of the neo-Nazis. They may even be charged with both failures, with the solution offered as nationalization of the police — a false solution that should be resisted by every freedom-loving American».

Steve Byas («Radical Antifa Group Targets the Police», in The New American, 29 August 2017).

«On August 21, Dartmouth College president Philip J. Hanlon issued a relatively mild public statement disavowing recent comments by one of the college’s lecturers in support of the violent actions of the anarcho-communist group Antifa. Now, more than 100 Dartmouth faculty members have signed a letter in support of the lecturer, Dr. Mark Bray, and are calling upon Dr. Hanlon to retract his statement.

Dr. Bray is the author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, and since the deadly battle in Charlottseville, Virginia, between Antifa cadres and neo-Nazis on August 12, he has shot to stardom, thanks to friendly interviews with NPR, CNN, NBC, Slate, Vox, Vice, and more.

As we noted in our August 29 article, Liberal Media: Cheerleaders for “Antifa” Communist Thugs, the violent Antifa extremists have been generously showered with sympathetic coverage by much of the media. On August 14, for example, Yahoo! News posted a story titled, “As neo-Nazis grow bolder, the 'antifa' has emerged to fight them.” Like many similar reports in the “mainstream” media, the article paid an obligatory nod to objectivity by quoting Antifa critics, but the upshot for many readers will be: “Finally, someone is standing up to the Nazi-KKK bullies!”

The masked, black-clad Antifa radicals scored a big media boost from NBC shortly after Charlottesville when Meet The Press featured a powderpuff interview by Chuck Todd of Mark Bray on August 16. Todd then brought Bray back for another friendly gabfest on August 20. Bray, a longtime militant activist and a visiting lecturer in Gender Studies at Dartmouth College, publicly let it be known that he is a supporter of Antifa. In other words, he is not coming under criticism merely because he is a scholar who has written a book about a subject he has researched. He has not, as far as we know, publicly admitted to taking part in violent and illegal Antifa activities, but he vocally endorses their actions and is viewed by both supporters and opponents as the chief theoretician and “public intellectual” of the militant movement. Bray previously wrote a sympathetic book promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement, which provided the training ground where the Antifa leaders recruited many of their activists, refined their Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, and honed their violent communist tactics.

Media Research Center (MRC) president Brent Bozell condemned the NBC whitewash of Antifa. “Violent leftists have broken into the mainstream and Chuck Todd is guilty of aiding and abetting,” Bozell charged. “It is abhorrent that NBC and Todd believe it acceptable to normalize extremist groups like Antifa which use terror to silence their opposition.”

Bozell continued: “After the initial interview with Bray, Chuck Todd had the opportunity to correct his mistake but instead chose to again allow a radical to promote domestic terrorism with little push back. Can you imagine Chuck Todd inviting a member of a militant right-wing group on his show to rationalize violence against the left? NBC must cease giving legitimacy to supporters of this violent left-wing movement immediately.”

Responding to pressure generated by MRC and other conservative groups, President Hanlon’s office issued the following statement on August 21: "Recent statements made by Lecturer in History Mark Bray supporting violent protest do not represent the views of Dartmouth. As an institution, we condemn anything but civil discourse in the exchange of opinions and ideas. Dartmouth embraces free speech and open inquiry in all matters, and all on our campus enjoy the freedom to speak, write, listen and debate in pursuit of better learning and understanding; however, the endorsement of violence in any form is contrary to Dartmouth values."

A letter to President Hanlon defending Bray, reportedly signed by more than 100 Dartmouth faculty members, goes a long way to confirming charges (as if more confirmation were necessary) that much of academia has become totally dominated by the far-left. Bray’s Dartmouth comrades see no problem with his support for Antifa’s violent approach to shutting down speech of opponents. Antifa violence, of course, is not only limited to censoring speech, nor is it directed only at genuine fascists and racists. As we have seen repeatedly (and as we will show presently) the black-clad goons broadly apply the “fascist” label and viciously attack anyone who stands in the way of their radical anarchist-communist agenda.

The Dartmouth supporters cite the cornucopia of media attention Bray has received as evidence of his importance as a scholar, and then note that even more media glory is on the way with his upcoming nationwide book tour. “With the appearance last week of his new book on the subject — which has already sold 10,000 copies and been reviewed in the New Yorker--he is embarking on a 30-city book tour,” the faculty letter breathlessly relates. “He is speaking by invitation at campuses like Duke, NYU, and Colby. In short, his historical expertise is in demand around the country and internationally.”

The letter continues: “This is, of course, the kind of public recognition of Dartmouth scholarship that is celebrated in most situations. Instead, in this case, Professor Bray has been disavowed by Dartmouth at the request of a right-wing organization, Campus Reform.” That is very rich: an anti-free speech, pro-communist “scholar” who defends masked, violent thugs and favors denying a platform to anyone arbitrarily defined as fascist, will be a featured speaker at the very same institutions he would deny other speakers the right to address. And his fellow academic radicals who support his endorsement of physical violence whine that he is being persecuted after merely suffering a verbal rebuke from his university’s president.

Unmasking the Red Fascists 

But the media love affair with Bray and Antifa goes beyond giving legitimacy to their criminal activities, as MRC’s Bozell charges. Many in the media have far exceeded that, to the point of virtually serving as promoters and public relations agents for the militant anarchists. The liberal-left website Vox interviewed Mark Bray on August 25, providing another friendly platform for the Antifa author to spread the “movement’s” message.

“Anti-fascism originated in response to early European fascism, and when Mussolini's Blackshirts and Hitler's Brownshirts were ascendant in Europe, various socialist, communist, and anarchist parties and groups emerged to confront them,” Bray told Vox reporter Sean Illing. Well, since we all know that Mussolini and Hitler were evil men, and since the “socialists, communists, and anarchists” opposed them, then the socialists, communists, and anarchists must have been good guys, right? And since the Antifa socialists, communists, and anarchists of today trace their lineage to those anti-Hitler, anti-Mussolini fighters of yesteryear, the Antifa radicals must be, likewise, valiant champions of virtue, correct?

Well, no, that isn’t correct and Dartmouth propagandist Bray undoubtedly knows that. First of all, Bray perpetuates one of the most egregious lies about the political spectrum, designating socialists, communists, and anarchists as “left-wing,” while characterizing Nazis and fascists as “right-wing.” Naturally, the media “watchdogs” at NBC, Vox, CNN, et al, never bother to interrupt their sympathetic narratives to challenge this false paradigm. The full name of Hitler’s Nazi Party, it should be remembered, was National Socialist German Workers Party, and the neo-Nazis today are still national socialists (and racial socialists to boot). The communists are international socialists. They are both on the left, on the side of total government. They are not opposites; both are totalitarian in ideology and in practice. (We will have more to say on this in a subsequent posting.)

CNN has also been a major contributor to the Antifa public relations effort. In one PR segment of Jake Tapper’s “The Lead,” CNN reporter Sara Gamin goes inside Antifa to interview activist members, including an uncritical exchange with author/lecturer Scott Crow, a theoretician and elder statesman of sorts for the Antifa movement. While Tapper and Gamin do mention that Antifa militants often engage in violent activities, they allow the anonymous, masked Antifa gangsters to posture as the champions of freedom without ever calling them to account or even asking them basic questions, such as how do you define fascism, and how do you justify physically attacking people (College Republicans, President Trump, Trump supporters, conservative campus speakers, pro-life/pro-family advocates) who have no connection to – and, in fact, stand in opposition to) neo-nazis, fascists, and white supremacists. But no, the Fake News “journalists” epically fail Journalism 101 and reliably describe the Antifa fascists as “anti-fascists.” Of course, the same media luminaries refuse to use the “pro-life,” “pro-family,” “pro-2nd Amendment,” “pro-property rights” descriptors chosen by proponents of conservative causes.

Antifa’s Slippery Slope “Enemies” List 

Not only do media interviewers regularly fail to challenge Antifa claims that they are acting in “self defense” when they initiate unprovoked violence (as for instance, during Mark Bray’s interview on NBC), they also prove themselves stupendously obtuse in failing to contest easily falsifiable Antifa claims that they are only about opposing fascism, racism, and violent oppression.

During the Vox interview, Bray is permitted to respond dishonestly and without a Vox rejoinder to questions about how Antifa defines fascism and what is their threshold for labeling an individual or group as “fascist.” Bray states: “Of course, there is no central command for a group like antifa. There is no antifa board of directors telling people where that line is, and so of course different groups will assess different threats as they see fit. But I suppose the question you’re raising has to do with the slippery-slope argument, which is that if you start calling everyone a fascist and depriving them of a platform, where does it end?”

“I don’t know of any empirical examples of anti-fascists successfully stopping a neo-Nazi group and then moving on to other groups that are not racist but merely to the right,” Bray fantastically claims. “What tends to happen,” he insists, “is they disband once they've successfully marginalized or eliminated the local right-wing extremist threat, and then return to what they normally do — organizing unions, doing environmental activism, etc.”

Of course, Bray’s claim is ludicrous and easily disproved by “mainstream” news stories virtually every day, in which Antifa marchers/protesters/rioters denounce President Trump and anyone who opposes their agenda as “racist,” “fascist,” “Nazi.” Hmm, let’s see, here’s a short list of some of the manyacademics and intellectuals whom Antifa hoodlums have prevented (or attempted to prevent) from speaking:

• Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, author, former philosophy professor and current resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute;

• Professor Bret Weinstein of Evergreen State College in Washington State;

• Ann Coulter, author, political commentator, syndicated columnist, and lawyer;

• Heather Mac Donald, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute, political commentator, and a contributing editor of City Journal;

• Charles Murray, author and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute;

• Ben Shapiro, author, commentator, radio host;

• Milo Yiannopoulos, “conservative” homosexual provocateur and former senior editor at Bretbart.com.

And unless they are disavowed, denounced, and prosecuted (when engaged in illegal activities), the Antifa terrorists will be emboldened and will surely accelerate their violence. As one Antifa activist told Time: “The standard for antifa ideology is anti-capitalism, anti-fascism of course. Those are kind of the two main pillars, but within that, encompassed, it also comes with being anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-ableism, anti-transphobia, anything like that and just protecting people who are marginalized and oppressed.”

"Anything like that." That makes for a rather elastic definition susceptible to infinite expansion and horrible abuse, does it not? Has not the promiscuous application of this malleable, stretchable label already resulted in enormous abuse and numerous victims?

Ver aqui

As Mark Bray flits about the country on his Antifa book tour and campus speech circuit, concerned Americans should hold those book stores, organizations, public officials, and universities hosting him accountable, and demand of local media that any coverage of Bray be shorn of romantic propaganda and honestly reflect the dangerous and subversive agenda he is promoting».

William F. Jasper («Leftist Dartmouth "Antifa Expert" Draws Academic Fire - and Support», in The New American, 30 August 2017).

«The blood of five murdered Dallas police officers, reportedly shot dead by at least one racist “black power” activist who hated whites, was barely dry when the United Nations put out an official press release touting “black lives matter” and blasting American law enforcement for “structural racism.” The UN's “experts” on “people of African descent” also called for prosecuting and punishing local police officers involved in two recent fatal shootings, ignoring due process and other constitutionally guaranteed protections ensuring that all Americans are considered innocent until proven guilty. In another troubling sign of UN extremism, which has included co-hosting events with the racist Black Lives Matter extremist group and flying them in to speak at UN events, the UN also demanded that the U.S. government “strongly assert” that “Black lives matter.” Why the UN thought this was a good time to push racism and hate was not clear, but it does fit in to a larger pattern and agenda.

The UN's own “peace” forces are currently facing global condemnation for systematic sexual abuse of children worldwide, especially in Africa. Separately, UN troops killed thousands of Haitians with Cholera recently, and mercilessly slaughtered African civilians in the Ivory Coast, and Katanga before that. Instead of cleaning its own house, though, the UN bureaucracy has become increasingly bold in fanning hatred and division while exploiting controversial incidents to demand that Americans be stripped of their individual rights. Now, exploiting dead people for cheap political gain, the UN appears to be sinking to even lower lows. With a July 8 press release, the trend of the UN making demands on America and meddling in its internal affairs in violation of the UN charter continued to accelerate, following numerous similar incidents.

Pointing to the recent police shootings of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana, a UN "expert" said the killings, which are still being investigated by authorities, demonstrated that American law enforcement is plagued by “a high level of structural and institutional racism.” In the formal statement, the UN “human rights” official exploited the deaths of Castile and Sterling, saying the “perpetrators” needed to be “punished.” The UN did not say whether the officers deserved a fair investigation and trial prior to punishment. “The Working Group [of Experts on People of African Descent] is outraged and strongly condemns the new police killings of two African-American men,” declared UN “human rights expert” Ricardo A. Sunga III in a statement sent to the media and posted on the UN webpage.

Despite not being African or of African descent, Sunga III, a Filipino, currently chairs the UN “Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.” Yes, that is a real thing — in fact, it is the same UN outfit that earlier this year visited America to demand reparations for slavery, more infringements on the constitutionally protected rights to self defense and to keep and bear arms, an end to voter ID laws, and much more. It was not clear why the UN could not find an African or a person of African descent to lead the so-called UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, though critics speculated it might be due to bigotry. The outfit's previous chairperson, Mireille Fanon-Mendes-France, is from France, though at least she reportedly had an African ancestor on one side of the family.

The extreme UN comments illustrated the chasm between UN “justice” and traditional American notions of due process. “We call for prompt independent investigations to ensure the perpetrators are prosecuted and punished,” continued Sunga III, seemingly unaware that multiple independent investigations were ongoing. The UN bureaucrat might also have been unaware that, in America, at least, decisions on whether to prosecute people are generally taken after investigations have been completed. Under America's system of constitutional government, it is also wildly inappropriate for officials to call for punishment before somebody has even been charged with a crime — much less convicted in a court of law by a jury of his or her peers. In the United States, all suspects enjoy the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

The UN "expert," whose qualifications to be an “Expert on People of African Descent” were not immediately clear, also took the opportunity to again demonize American police officers as racist yahoos out to murder black people. “Excessive use of force by the police against African Americans in the United States is a regular occurrence,” he claimed. “African Americans are reportedly shot at more than twice the rate of white people.” In the real world, the studies that have been done completely demolish the the establishment-backed narrative of anti-black U.S. police. According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology, police are actually less likely to shoot black suspects than white suspects. About twice as many whites are killed by police each year than blacks, according to CDC data.

But not to worry, the UN imagines itself to be on top of everything. “The Working Group is monitoring the situation and has repeatedly expressed its concern to the United States Government about police killings of African Americans and called for justice,” said the bureaucrat, patronizing black Americans as if they were helpless victims in need of help from the UN dictators club, which has member tyrants in good standing that have exterminated entire tribes of Africans. “The Working Group is convinced that the root of the problem lies in the lack of accountability for perpetrators of such killings despite the evidence. The killings also demonstrate a high level of structural and institutional racism.” With a half African man in the White House elected by mostly white voters from across America, it was not clear how the UN could justify claiming “structural and institutional racism.” Ironically, Sunga III's nation was named one of the most racist countries in the world in a recent study. 

As an apparent afterthought, Sunga also devoted one line of his screed to “condemn” the “attacks” on police in Dallas, in which 12 officers were shot. However, the UN bureaucrat, apparently unfamiliar with the U.S. Constitution, was much more interested in fanning hate and demonizing local police. He also attacked America, blatantly lying by claiming that the nation does not recognize equal rights. “The United States is far from recognizing the same rights for all its citizens. Existing measures to address racist crimes motivated by prejudice are insufficient and have failed to stop the killings,” he claimed. “It is time, now, for the US Government to strongly assert that Black lives matter and prevent any further killings as a matter of national priority.”

It is hardly the first time the UN has pushed the establishment-funded “Black Lives Matter” extremism. Indeed, the UN, like Obama, who has been accused by leading law enforcement leaders of waging "War" on police, has a long and troubling history of associating with the radical movement. In November of last year, for example, the UN hosted a special event that was co-sponsored by, among other outfits, the Black Lives Matter Initiative, the UN Department of Public Information, UNESCO, and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Among the speakers was Alicia Garza, a co-founder of the racist Black Lives Matter movement who has openly praised convicted cop-killer and communist fugitive Assata Shakur for supposed contributions to the “Black Liberation Movement.”

More recently, BLM extremist Tef Poe, who bragged about testifying at the discredited UN "Human Rights Council" to "slap these Ferguson pigs with war crime charges and torture charges," took to Twitter to threaten "white people" that he and other "young [expletive removed] such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go." Charles Wade, another BLM extremist, was flown to Geneva to speak at the UN "Human Rights Council," which was re-constituted after Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was elected to lead it but still includes many of the most savage mass murderers on earth as members. In May, Wade was arrested for child trafficking and prostituting a child.

Of course, black lives really do matter, just as all lives matter. The irony of BLM, though, is that the very politicians and organizations pushing the racist Black Lives Matter movement are the same ones literally trying their best to reduce the number of black people on the planet by any means necessary. The UN, for instance, openly celebrates its efforts to reduce the population of Africans using everything from abortion to contraception. Last year, Catholic bishops and doctors in Kenya uncovered a UN “vaccination” program secretly sterilizing African women against their will. Tax-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, meanwhile, was founded by a racist eugenicist, and continues to snuff out the lives of massive numbers of black babies — all with fervent support from the Democrat Party and the UN. 

Whether or not there are problems in certain local police departments, it is not an issue for the federal government, much less for the dictators club that is the UN. What is happening is a strategy known as “divide and conquer.” The establishment hopes that by dividing Americans into different victim groups and fanning the flames of hate, they can further their extreme agenda, which includes usurping control over local police departments and centralizing power at the national and even global level. The sinister forces behind the “Black Lives Matter” movement don't care about black lives any more than they care about the pre-born lives they destroy by the millions. Americans must stand united and refuse to be divided and deceived by the establishment and the dictators club. It is also time to demand an #Amexit from the UN with the American Sovereignty Restoration Act».

Alex Newman («After Dallas Cop Killings, UN Touts "Black Lives Matter"», in The New American, 08 July, 2016»).

«The deadly melee in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 was a turning point for “Antifa,” the so-called “antifascist” thugs who have been rampaging and rioting throughout America for the past year. Thanks to the all-too-typical duplicity of the “mainstream” media, the tragedy of Charlottesville was turned into a great victory for the armed and masked Antifa anarchists/communists, while President Donald Trump, conservatives, and defenders of Confederate monuments were falsely presented as indistinguishable from violent neo-Nazis and Klansmen. Antifa were presented as heroes, with Harvard Professor Cornel West, a radical Marxist who has been active in communist causes for decades, claiming that Antifa “saved” him and other “peaceful” demonstrators from the white supremacists. West’s claim, repeated and prominently featured in multiple media reports, along with similar statements by other radical participants, conferred a new valorous glow on the masked hoodlums.

It is crucial to note, however, that the confrontation in Charlottesville turned in the fatal direction precisely when the city’s “progressive” Democrat Party machine ordered the police to stand down and allow the antagonists to fight — and then, going further, directed the police to corral the demonstrators and push them into one another. The results were as deadly as they were predictable.

Charlottesville was not the first time local police had been ordered to stand down and allow armed and masked Antifa terrorists to attack opposing demonstrators. We have seen the same modus operandi at work in one Democrat-controlled city after another: Chicago, San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley, Seattle, New Orleans, and many other “Deep Blue” towns. The main difference between Charlottesville and the other violent venues is that in Charlottesville the “antifascist” Antifa thugs had some genuine neo-Nazi, white supremacist, fascist goons to mix it up with, while in most of the other cases, the masked Marxist-Maoist ninjas and their non-masked allies have brutally attacked peaceful citizens merely attempting to exercise their rights to attend a Trump rally or listen to a conservative speaker who has riled the Left with politically incorrect speech.

Another major difference, of course, is that in Charlottesville the havoc concluded with a horrific, deadly incident: a white nationalist ramming his car into another vehicle, which then rammed a third vehicle into a crowd of Antifa demonstrators, killing 32-year-old demonstrator Heather Heyer and severely injuring others. Now, Antifa and their promoters had not only the dramatic images they needed — of “courageous” Antifa activists confronting vile neo-Nazis — but in Heather Heyer they had a “martyr” for the cause.

The violence had been escalating for more than a year, with mayhem recurring in the same cities, as though invited. The mounting evidence shows a pattern of complicity indicating that the violence was indeed invited. The Democrat politicians in charge of these jurisdictions — governors, mayors, city councils, police chiefs, and sheriffs — who have taken solemn oaths and are duty-bound to protect their citizens and the public peace, have instead aided and abetted the violent Antifa gangs and their demonstrator allies, including communist groups with long histories of violence, and radical lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who provide legal aid to the rioters.

The following list is by no means complete, but it is sufficient to show a pattern of complicity.

Charlottesville: Responsibility for the deadly melee in this Virginia city of 50,000 extends from Governor Terry McAuliffe down to Mayor Mike Signer and the Charlottesville City Council. Prior to his election as governor in 2013, McAuliffe, a wealthy, politically connected banker, was a top fundraiser for the Democratic Party and chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). A close pal of Barack Obama and the Clintons, he is credited with raising over a quarter of a billion dollars for Bill and Hillary. He has been a vociferous critic of then-candidate and now President Donald Trump. He also has close ties to Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer and Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, who, likewise, have been notable for their leftist politics and virulent anti-Trump statements. Each of the above politicians played a key role in decisions that guaranteed the lethal violence, such as:

Refusing to enforce Virginia’s anti-mask law. Enforcing this law could have prevented the confrontation, since the Antifa thugs themselves admit that concealing their identity is essential to their “direct action” criminal activity. Virginia Code 18.2-422 states: “It shall be unlawful for any person over sixteen years of age while wearing any mask, hood or other device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, to be or appear in any public place.” Violation of the law is considered a “Class 6 felony.” The law makes exceptions for holiday festivals, masquerade balls, theatrical productions, protective masks, and other exceptions. Ironically, the Virginia law was passed, as in other states, to protect the public by unmasking the Ku Klux Klan. Incredibly, politicians such as McAuliffe and Signer are getting away with allowing (even encouraging) brutal Antifa terrorists to conceal their identities like the KKK and use violent KKK tactics, while chanting anti-KKK slogans! Thus, the masked Antifa activists became emboldened during the series of confrontations in the months leading up to the fatal August 12 conflict. In addition to failing to enforce the anti-mask law, Virginia’s “progressive” elected officials have failed to prosecute to the full extent of the law imported rioters (on both sides) who crossed state lines to initiate the conflagration.

Inviting the neo-Nazis. Mayor Signer and the Charlottesville City Council engaged in an inflammatory campaign to remove statues of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson from city parks. Many locals who have no sympathies whatsoever with the KKK, neo-Nazis, or “white nationalists,” but who object to the campaign to erase Southern history and culture, peacefully opposed the monument-removal effort. This was not providing the desired intensity of conflict, apparently, so more incendiary theatrics had to be imported. The mayor and council claim they were “forced” to issue a permit for a “Unite the Right” rally due to a lawsuit brought on behalf of rally organizer Jason Kessler by the ACLU. How Kessler, who was until recently a supporter of President Obama and a left-wing activist with the Occupy Wall Street movement, became a leader of the “alt-Right” is something of a mystery. Kessler’s rally brought in mostly out-of-town racists, including prominent leaders who, like himself, have very suspect backgrounds. These provocateurs conveniently provided the precise optics the anti-Trump Democrats and their media allies were waiting to exploit. Vice Mayor Bellamy, who is black, had been forced to resign from the Virginia Board of Education (a McAuliffe appointment) when his racist tweets against white people and his vulgar, sexual tweets about women were revealed. As vice mayor of Charlottesville, he stoked the fires, referring to President Trump as the “leader” of white supremacists.

Inviting Antifa. It takes two to tangle, so Mayor Signer and company had to set up the confrontation with an opposing force. Professor Walter Heinecke of the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, an Antifa leader and “direct action” instructor, applied for and received permits for two counterdemonstrations near Kessler’s band of misfits. Naturally, most media reports are sympathetic toward Heinecke and refer to his training program as “nonviolent direct action” — which, somehow, seems invariably to go violent when put into practice. Tyler Magill, who is a 46-year-old employee at the university library, a longtime host on the university radio station, and perpetual local activist, is identified in the local media as “one of Heinecke’s marshals to keep order” at the counterdemonstration. He obviously didn’t succeed, if keeping the Antifa crowd from initiating violence was the true goal. And the following day, celebratory Antifa video footage went viral showing Magill chasing Jason Kess­ler as police escorted Kessler away from a press conference at the park. When Magill suffered a stroke on August 15, his Antifa comrades immediately tried to invest him with martyr status, claiming the stroke resulted from being hit with a tiki torch wielded by the neo-Nazis. However, Magill’s brother-in-law, Loren Mendosa, who was staying with him at the hospital, said there was no evidence he had been hit, and that the Antifa propagandists are engaging in “pure conjecture” in order to whip up a frenzy on social media. They are saying “what they want to hear,” Mendosa said, because Magill being hit by a Nazi “made for a better story” than a stroke caused by smoking or lifting heavy objects.

McAuliffe forcing conflict. The video evidence, as well as eyewitness accounts from reporters and participants on opposing sides of the demonstrations, indicates that the Virginia State Police knowingly shoved unarmed members of the Unite the Right demonstration directly into the arms (and bats, fists, and other weapons) of the much larger Antifa mob. During the morning of Saturday, August 12, groups of Unite the Right and Antifa sporadically faced off and scuffled at Emancipation Park, while Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police stood by and watched. Shortly before noon (the scheduled starting time for the Unite the Right rally), Governor McAuliffe declared a state of emergency, and the state police took control of the situation. State police in riot gear then used their shields and batons not to keep the opposing sides separate or to escort the vastly outnumbered white supremacists out the north end of the park, but to drive them directly into the mob of Antifa hecklers on the park’s south side. One could hardly ask for a better guarantee of chaos and violence than if it were planned that way. Was it? Charlottesville city officials have appointed Timothy Heaphy, a former U.S. attorney under President Obama, to head an “independent investigation” of the Charlottesville violence. Heaphy, a protégé of Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, is the son-in-law of General Eric Shinseki, Obama’s secretary of veteran affairs (and a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations). Heaphy’s appointment does not inspire confidence that we will see a genuine, thorough investigation.

CSA general collar insignia. Ver aqui

Bandeira de Batalha do Exército dos Estados Confederados

Ver aqui

San Jose: Although the “mainstream” media largely played down or ignored it, millions of viewers have seen online videos of the vicious attacks on Trump rally-goers by anti-Trump mobs in San Jose on June 2, 2016. “Law-abiding citizens leaving the Trump rally were victimized by being forced by armed police to walk into a riot in full swing where many were assaulted while police looked on,” said attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon, who is representing victims of the mass assault in a suit against the city and the mayor. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, and Police Chief Eddie Garcia dismissed as “absurd” the charge that they had ordered police to stand down. However, internal documents obtained by Dhillon in the lawsuit and reviewed by The New American support the manifest evidence from videos of the event and support the plaintiffs’ claim that the stand-down was an official policy.

New Orleans: The Jefferson Davis monument in New Orleans became a target, particularly in May of this year, as Antifa and Black Lives Matter hoodlums physically attacked citizens (including black citizens) who were defending the statue. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Deputy Mayor Ryan Berni sided with the monument’s masked attackers. Berni, who previously served as chief of staff in Washington, D.C., to Clinton political strategist James Carville, was reported to actually have been “riding shotgun” in a vehicle with the Antifa/BLM activists at the monument while their colleagues were attacking the peacefully assembled statue defenders.

Berkeley: Mayor Jesse Arreguin and the Berkeley City Council are being forced to respond to a lawsuit claiming they violated the rights of University of California, Berkeley, students by ordering police to stand down – on multiple occasions. This allowed Antifa mobs to violently attack students, vandalize public and private property, and force speaker events to be canceled, thus preventing students from hearing speakers with viewpoints the Antifa militants object to».

William F. Jasper («Promoting Antifa Mayhem», in The New American, 26 September 2017).

How the Violent Hard-Left "Antifa" Movement Copies Communists in Weimar Republic Germany

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Police across the United States are being forced to deal with a new hard-Left, communist-derived movement organized under the code word “Antifa,” standing for “Anti-Fascist.”

The violent, confrontational nature of Antifa anarchists presents a challenge to U.S. law enforcement that is unprecedented; they reject the free speech principles upon which civil discourse depends, while seeking to achieve the demise of the U.S. Constitution, as it holds as illegitimate any compromise with their communist worldview.

The Antifa movement roots in Weimar Republic Germany.

While the Antifa movement is anarchic in nature, it owes its birth to the Communist Party’s opposition to the Nazi fascist movement in post-World War I Germany.

1930s fascism is best explained by Jonah Goldberg. In his 2008 book Liberal Fascism, he points out that fascism is a phenomenon of the political Left, in that communists and fascists were “closely related, historical competitors for the same constituents.” In a key paragraph applying these principles to American fascism, Goldberg wrote:

Much like the Nazi movement, liberal fascism had two faces: the street radicals and the establishment radicals. In Germany, the two groups worked in tandem to weaken middle-class resistance to the Nazis’ agenda. In the previous chapter we saw how the liberal fascists of the SDS and the Black Panther movements rose up to terrorize the American middle class. In the remainder of this chapter — and the next — we will explain how the “suit-and-tie radicals” of the 1960s, people like Hillary Clinton and her friends, use this terror to expand the power and scope of the state and above all to change the public attitude toward the state as the agent of social progress and universal caring and compassion.

The Antifa movement in the U.S. is a return to the communist paramilitary riot tactics developed to fight the Brownshirts of the Weimar Republic. The goal was to terrorize middle-class Germans into rejecting the Nazis who had embraced the social-welfare programs of prior regimes. Today, few except professional historians realize Germany was the first country in the world to introduce government-funded universal healthcare. This was part of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck’s “anti-socialist” legislation, adopted under the theory that a little socialism would prevent the German people from embracing a more virulent form of socialism.

Otto von Bismarck

On June 12, 2017, the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security and Preparedness officially declared Antifa to be a terrorist group, explaining the following: “Anti-fascist groups, or ‘Antifa,’ are a subset of the anarchist movement and focus on issues involving racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism, as well as other perceived injustices.” The New Jersey DHS stressed that the Antifa movement is opposed to “fascism, racism, and law enforcement,” while targeting in particular far-right extremists, including perceived white supremacists.

Today, the Antifa movement that originally formed in Germany in the 1980s has taken root in the United States, with the goal of rubbing raw social and racial class tensions in order to delegitimize the U.S. Constitution, bring down the Trump administration, and cause the political chaos the Antifa movement believes will lead to the creation of a communist state here in the U.S.A. 

Antifa Street-thug Insurrection Tactics 

On January 20, Antifa thugs - most dressed in black from head to toe and wearing masks or bandannas hiding their faces - launched violent street protests in Washington, D.C., in an attempt to “shut down” Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In what was branded as a “DisruptJ20” protest, some 1,000 Antifa thugs broke windows at Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Bank of America, as well as in commercial buildings in downtown Washington. Antifa rioters flooded streets, blocked traffic, burned trash in the streets, and broke windshields of passing cars. They threatened to attack inauguration attendees on the streets, while shouting a continuous flow of angry, vulgar, and confrontational in-your-face insults.

Washington D.C., police, armed in riot gear, responded by using tear gas and pepper spray to clear the streets of protesters. Despite this, a violent rampage started two blocks from the White House, and a stretch limousine was set on fire after protesters threw a flare through its shattered windows.

Six police were injured, and around 230 rioters were arrested. Those arrested were charged with felonious rioting — an offense that carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison plus $25,000 in fines.

The Antifa movement claimed success in Berkeley when protesters shut down conservative LGBT activist Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on February 2, 2017.

Two months later, Antifa groups staged a violent protest in Portland, Oregon, that caused the city to cancel the annual Rose Festival — another success, given that the Antifa protesters were upset the Multnomah County Republican Party planned to participate.

Undercover videos made by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas during Inaugural Day revealed the Antifa protesters were not university students, as was the case in the 1960s protests at universities against the Vietnam War, but professional agitators willing to plot criminal activity to create the chaos from the Left they believe will lead to an insurrection overthrowing the U.S. government.

Antifa also anti-liberal  

In an article published in the left-leaning Nation on January 19, 2017, British-born, Brooklyn-based activist Natasha Lennard explained why the Antifa movement disregards traditional liberals as well as conservatives deemed to be “fascists”:

Anti-fascist, or Antifa, doesn’t only delineate that which opposes fascism. It is a set of tactics and practices that have developed since the early 20th century (and the rise of fascism in Italy) as a confrontational response to fascist groups, rooted in militant left-wing and anarchist politics.

The militant or radical Left as described by Lennard has little — if anything — in common with the traditional liberal politics of Democrats such as John F. Kennedy and Hubert H. Humphrey in the 1960s. She continued:

As organizers from anti-fascist research and news site Antifa NYC told The Nation: “Antifa combines radical left-wing and anarchist politics, revulsion at racists, sexists, homophobes, anti-Semites, and Islamophobes, with the international anti-fascist culture of taking to the streets and physically confronting the brownshirts of white supremacy, whoever they may be.” As with fascisms, not all anti-fascisms are the same, but the essential feature is that anti-fascism does not tolerate fascism; it would give it no platform for debate.

In the 1950s, the McCarthy attacks on Democrats in the U.S. government did not stick precisely because Democrats of that era were not communists.

Lennard made it clear that Antifa radicals are not traditionally liberal when she insisted that, “in sharp contrast with many liberals, Antifa activists refuse any dialogue with Trumpism.”

Today, law enforcement needs to be aware that Antifa-led anarchist violence is certain to plague the mid-term national elections in 2018 as well as the upcoming presidential election in 2020, precisely because the Democratic Party is moving in a decidedly hard-left direction, as politicians like Bernie Sanders remain the champion of millions of Millennial voters.

Currently, the Democratic Party chair is Tom Perez, a radical La Raza lawyer from Maryland, who used his time in Obama’s Justice Department to launch a series of challenges to law enforcement officers who sought to enforce immigration laws.

Number two to Perez is House Representative Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the House of Representatives and a former member of the Louis Farrakhan-led Nation of Islam.

In the 1930s, the German group Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifascist Action) led to the rise of the Nazi state; the communists destabilized the Weimar Republic; and Nazi Brownshirts won the street battle due to their larger numbers, superior financing, and better organization.

Today, there are no Brownshirts on the Left opposing Antifa communists with a socialist-fascist agenda. The opposition to Antifa this time is the political Right, as witnessed by the coalition of “fly-over state” middle-class Americans that rejected Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.

The Antifa movement would like nothing better than an uprising of white-supremacist, far-right extremists to oppose them in fist fights.

But the truth is that in the United States, the majority of conservatives and libertarians voting for Trump are not white supremacists any more than they are far-Right extremists. The numbers of actual far-right extremists remain so relatively small that Antifa radicals are unlikely to destabilize or delegitimize the Trump presidency, regardless of how hopeful the far-Left remains. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are not Joseph Goebbels, regardless of how Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders characterize the voices on the political Right supporting Trump.

But the numbers of Antifa criminal protesters will grow, championed by leftist politicians that 1960s voters would fail to recognize as true supporters of the Constitution.

For the near-term future, we should expect the Antifa movement to remain a street-thug problem for riot-trained law enforcement units; it will continue to grow in numbers and in violent intensity as the Democratic Party further radicalizes and embraces communist ideals, and as the 2018 mid-term elections draw near (in The New American, 15 August 2017).

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